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  • When you build an app, you know what your product can do—but if you can’t communicate that clearly and quickly to your users, they’ll leave. People lose interest so easily that the average app loses 86% of its new users in their first use. The key to retaining new users is onboarding: the process of explaining how your product works
  • Houseparty has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with as it continues to redefine the social media landscape. Despite Facebook and Snapchat’s 2 billion and 173 million users (respectively), the video group chat app is shaking up the industry with just 20 million users. These social media giants are now playing catch up to Houseparty as they
  • guide to behavioural economics - product manager - psychology
    As a product manager, understanding the psychology of people—what makes them tick—may be your most important asset. To get your ideas off the ground, you need to get other people to believe in them. To ship them, you need to be able to run a team and manage conflicting priorities. And to make them successful, you need to tap into
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    Have you noticed that Instagram seems to change every time you login? You come across an awesome new functionality, but then it disappears for a few days before making a comeback. It’s not just you experiencing these mysterious changes, but it’s very likely that not all users are experiencing the change at the same time. This means that Instagram has
  • the year of customer experience - 2017
    We’re back at our desks ready to take on the new year along with all of the opportunities and challenges 2018 is sure to bring. 2017 was an exciting ride that we can’t help but to reflect on as we start to think about what challenges and problems we want to help brands solve next. Personalization and customer experiences have
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    Today’s most aspirational brands create magical experiences at each customer interaction. Customers are not treated as marketing segments or ‘users’, but rather as individuals at different stages of a journey with the brand. Brands who treat each of their customers this way and provide a unique, contextual experience that’s consistent across all digital channels are the ones who succeed in
  • If you’ve ever learned to play a sport or a musical instrument growing up, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” As kids, we’re often conditioned to think that the more time we devote to learning a craft, the closer we get to perfect. Today, that may no longer be true, especially in rapidly changing fields such as technology
  • Guide to ab testing - customer experience
    43 Essential Resources for Mobile App Makers Mobile A/B testing is the practice of running visual or code-based experiments by testing one variant against another. The more you experiment, the faster you learn and improve engagement, retention, and conversion. While A/B testing has been around since the dawn of the web, running these tests for mobile apps was really hard
  • It’s becoming increasingly common to see an update in an app without having to update through the App Store or Google Play Store first – this just means that you are part of a rollout. Rollouts are a very common tactic that companies use to release new features, UI, and functionalities to groups of users at a time. It’s always
  • Building Sticky Products
    By definition, sticky products are those that pique user interest by delivering consistent value and are so engaging that users are compelled to use them regularly. Not only that, but each subsequent visit to the product lasts longer and longer. Why is this important? The stickier the product, the higher the retention rate. Whether you have an app or a
  • In the early days of building a product, you’re often just a small team sitting around a room. It’s easy to move quickly — all it takes to get started is turning to the person next to you. If you’re not careful, development grinds to a halt. Figuring out how to scale decision-making from a small group to a larger
  • Product Iteration Feedback Loop
    Mike Shaver, former director of engineering at Facebook, shares how the tech giant guides product decisions with user feedback. When it comes to user feedback, Facebook is challenged with the opportunity of scale; there are literally billions of people who interact with the product whose session data can teach designers how user behaviour is changing. User feedback is key to