Advanced AB Testing & Personalization Tool for QSR & Food Delivery Apps.

Turn first time buyers into lifelong customers with personalized offers across every channels that your customers engage with the most be it web, mobile, push or email. Drive loyalty, revenue and customer lifetime value with Taplytics.

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Anticipate and understand your customers preferences. Keep them coming back for more.

With the combination of our personalization and AB testing products, we help food delivery apps boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Our tools help you test different messaging and offers to find what drives the best results. With our A/B testing tools, you can experiment on messaging, calls to action, and offers to see what works best for driving revenue

Maximize loyalty and average order value

  • Experiment everywhere, from offers, pricing, subscription packages, recommendations algorithms, onboarding flows and checkout flows

  • Validate pricing, offers, and messaging to maximize average order value.

  • Drive loyalty by testing messaging and offers that retain and grow your customer base.

  • Perfect the first-time subscriber onboarding experience to keep them coming back for more.

  • Iterate and optimize the checkout flow for a seamless order experience.

Turn casual users to life long customers

  • Deliver relevant personalized content and recommendations

  • Engage casual users and mitigate churn to become loyal customers with personalized messaging and recommendations according their user behavior and order history.

  • Identify high LTV customer cohorts to deliver personalized offers at the right time.

  • Be on whatever platforms your customers are on to deliver their favorite dishes from in a timely manner, every time.

  • Identify drop-off points throughout the user journey and optimize to decrease friction points.

Built With Data Security & Privacy In Mind

Protect customer privacy with our private cloud or on-premise deployment methods to allow you to leverage first-party data for personalization. Stop using CSVs. Achieve real-time personalization.

  • Securely Connect To Your Existing Data

    Data security doesn’t have to slow you down. Securely connect to your existing data infrastructure and create whole new experiences for customers that weren't possible before.

  • Single-Tenant & On-Premise Capabilities

    We support single-tenant cloud installations, perfect for security-conscious companies. Prefer not to use the cloud? We also offer on-premises installation, giving you the ability to run Taplytics on your own secure servers.

  • Own Your Own Encryption Keys

    Maintain full control over your user data at all times. Whether you choose a single-tenant or on-premises installation, Taplytics gives you the ability to own your encryption keys, ensuring only your company has access.

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