Taplytics Complete.

Running an experimentation program is more important than ever to innovate and stay one step ahead of your competition. However, you still need internal resources dedicated to coding experiments that go deeper than cosmetic changes.

That's where Taplytics Complete can help. Our enterprise services help teams of all maturity levels and sizes to execute experiments catered to your business goals, complete with end-to-end execution covering implementation, development, research, ideation, experiment deployment and reporting services.

Experiment Faster

Start testing immediately with our strategic guidance and management services.

Optimize Your Products

Move the needle on your top growth goals with our insights and research offerings.

Grow Your Team's Skills

Build your team’s experimentation skills through personalized training programs.

Leverage Taplytics Engineering Team

Lean on our engineering team to help you implement, build and deploy experiments that matter to your business goals.

  • Define, Design, and Deliver

    We provide a testing program that will quickly help you experiment like the best in the business, working with you to define a strategy based on tried and true experimentation methodologies. We’ll design experiments based on your goals and roadmap, and help you create an internal process for running tests, managing your roadmap and prioritizing your experiment backlog. We’ll also meet regularly with your team to keep you on track and refine your plan so that you can focus on your core business needs.

  • Planning A Path To Success

    Our optimization pros will help you improve retention, engagement, and conversion rates across channels. We'll identify strategic opportunities for improvement, based on industry best practices and benchmarks, and develop a tailored plan to help you drive growth in the areas that matter most. We’ll also work with your team to execute on the plan and report on results so that you know you’re on track to hit your KPIs.

  • System Management: Run A/B tests—without lifting a finger

    Take full advantage of the Taplytics platform immediately by allowing our strategy team to manage every aspect of your optimization strategy and execution. Our strategists will work seamlessly with your team by creating a plan that aligns to your goals and internal processes - ideation, execution, and analysis of Taplytics. They’ll work with you to build A/B tests, make content recommendations, help manage your experiment backlog, and report on your program’s results on an ongoing basis.

  • Enterprise Enablement: Turn your team into optimization experts

    Grow your team’s experimentation skills with personalized training programs from our optimization experts. We’ll create custom workshops based on your goals or specific projects you want to tackle, as well as design training around building experimentation programs, planning better push messaging, or anything else your team wants to improve. Then we’ll facilitate design sprints, brainstorming, or training sessions that will get your team prepared to execute on their own.

  • User Experience Leadership: Get persona-based insights & experimentation ideas

    Don’t have the bandwidth to conduct customer research? Quickly gain the qualitative and quantitative insights you need to make smarter product decisions by letting our team interview your users. First, we’ll work with you to select a goal or focus area to guide our research, then after we talk to your customers, we analyze the results and share a key findings and user persona report with you. We’ll also share an experiment suggestions report that contains actionable, optimization recommendations based on the opportunities we uncover.

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