Turn first-time users into lifelong customers.

Build better products, create engaging marketing campaigns, and tie them together into seamless, personalized journeys your customers will love.

Trusted by leading product, engineering, & marketing teams.

True omnichannel customer engagement for modern enterprise companies

Taplytics combines industry-leading product optimization and AI-driven marketing capabilities to create deeply personalized experiences across the entire customer lifecycle—without putting user privacy at risk.


Create consistent product and marketing experiences that engage customers across devices and channels.


Design unique experiences for users based on their preferences, behavior, and other attributes.


Deliver engaging in-app and marketing experiences through testing and experimentation.


Build trusting relationships with customers by leveraging their data without putting their privacy at risk.

Deliver highly personalized, omnichannel experiences at scale

Our AI assistant, Dexter, uses a blend of customer behavior, preferences, and data to personalize their experience—from every email and push notification to the actual experience in your app or on your website.

  • Create Personalized In-App Experiences

    Offer unique in-app experiences for your users that change and adapt over time to match their preferences.

  • Ensure Consistency Across Channels

    Create personalized experiences that deliver relevant content to customers across mobile, web, and OTT.

  • Orchestrate Seamless Launches

    Design complex product launch sequences that tie in-app feature releases and marketing campaigns together with ease.

9 %
new purchases
”Implementing an optimized onboarding flow...wasn’t difficult, but the impact was extremely high. It means more engagement, and more people making purchases.“
Pragya Saboo, Product Manager at TodayTix

Engage, convert, & retain users with incredible marketing campaigns

Marketing messages are more effective when they’re connected to in-product experiences. Use customer preferences and in-app behavior to create personalized email and push campaigns that automatically engage and convert.

  • Design 1:1 Marketing Experiences

    Design personalized marketing campaigns that use AI to provide the right mix of products, offers, and messages where and when they’re most likely to be seen.

  • Automatically Nurture Users

    Automatically nurture your audience with personalized, timely messages triggered by in-app events, user behavior, location, or other custom attributes.

  • Re-Engage Churned Users

    Build automated campaigns that detect users who are likely to churn and trigger a re-engagement journey that sends relevant messages, content, or offers to win them back.

6 %
“With Taplytics, we saw a huge bump in credit card purchases. The number of customer payment option complaints dropped to zero—meaning customers are much happier with their experience.”
Jay Ramirez, Mobile Product Manager at Chick-fil-A
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Optimize the entire customer experience with powerful A/B testing

Make smarter product and marketing decisions powered by artificial intelligence. Launch experiments, validate decisions, and optimize everything—from mobile apps and websites to email, push and other marketing campaigns.

  • A/B Test & Optimize Product

    Test and optimize critical areas of your product on mobile, web, and TV. Run code-free and code-based experiments on features, UI/UX, conversion screens, and user flows.

  • Optimize Marketing Campaigns & Messages

    Bake A/B testing into your campaigns to see which marketing messages are the most engaging. Automatically deploy the winning variants quickly with real-time insights.

  • Launch Features With Minimal Risk & Full Control

    Roll out new features to subsets of users and measure performance with no risk, or release updates to users slowly over time. Roll back if things don't work as planned.

27 %
product usage
“We wanted a testing platform that provided us results just as quickly as we formed hypotheses—Taplytics gave us just that. It is a fantastic platform...It's proven to be a staple part of our process.”
Ilias Beshimov, VP of Growth at Good&Co.

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Lifecycle Marketing

Create deeply personalized one-to-one marketing campaigns at scale and give your users the experience that works best for them.

Product Optimization

Give your customers remarkable product experiences they'll love by optimizing everything they can see and touch.