Make Product Decisions Driven
by Your Customers

Taplytics is an intelligent customer experience cloud specializing in turning first-time users into lifetime customers through magical moments
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Validate Product Decisions

Use test results to drive changes and prove that they are making money for your business.

Drive Engagement

Engage users with content and messages personalized to their unique needs and habits.

Customize Around User Needs

Execute, listen, then iterate. Understand your users and prioritize the features that matter most to them.

Taplytics’ Customer Experience Cloud

We help brands drive digital product adoption and retention through our intelligent experience cloud. Taplytics helps to create deeply personal and engaging experiences through experimentation, A/B testing, push notifications and messaging across the whole customer journey.

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Taplytics helps companies iterate faster and smarter to champion the new digital world.

Stuart Frisby

If it can be a test, test it. If we can’t test it, we probably don’t do it.

Director of Design,
Nima Gardideh

Everything that we do is just a hypothesis

Frank & Oak
Karolina Skalska

Paired designing helps us to be more transparent, communicate more and fill the gaps we have; switching [to cross functional teams] helps us focus on the user and their journey

Head of Product Design, foodora
Craig Sullivan

Stop blindly copying… It’s okay to copy stuff, but you have to validate it!

Optimizer in Chief, Optimal Visit
Nandini Stocker

Conversion is just a conversation away with users

Former Senior Interaction Designer, Google