Modern A/B Testing For Product People.

  • Feature Management & A/B Testing

Complete cross-platform feature management and A/B testing for all client and server-side applications. Eliminate latency with delivery speeds under 50ms. Leverage no-code solutions for web and mobile.

Trusted by leading product and engineering teams

A/B Testing & Feature Flags For All Platforms

Take full control of your releases. Instantly test and roll out new features with the most robust feature management and experimentation platform.

Multiple Channels.
1 Single, Powerful Platform.

From a single user interface, target users across platforms to ensure a consistent feature experience across web, mobile, and OTT. Drive more conversions through feature consistency wherever you users are.

Commitment To
Data Privacy

Taplytics is the only solution that offers single-tenant and private cloud hosting options, allowing you to own and protect your customer data, avoid privacy risks, all while providing personalized customer journeys.

Customer Success

We’re not just another vendor in your toolkit. Taplytics is with you every step of the way with training and strategy with subject matter experts to ensure seamless support and implementation. We pride ourselves in having industry best services with real-time technical support from real humans.

Can you drive more product and user adoption without sacrificing time, resources and growth?

See how Taplytics helps you experiment, optimize, and capitalize on product growth opportunities across channels, all while reducing deployment risk.

It's 2021 - You need more than just web A/B testing

Discover enterprise-grade, A/B testing for any client-side or server-side application. We are the only provider of no-code A/B testing for both web and native mobile apps.

Simple, flexible, and powerful feature flags

We help engineering teams reduce the time between a feature being code complete and a feature being deployed in production. And when it's in production, we help incrementally enable components of that new feature.

Customer engagement and experience is a journey—not a destination.

Taplytics combines the most used and loved software into one single platform.

A/B Testing

Unlock product & customer growth with integrated A/B testing across mobile, web, + OTT.

Mobile Push Messaging

Drive mobile ROI with personalized push notification campaigns.

Feature Management

Manage product risks with feature flag segmentation, scheduling, and measurement.

Email Marketing

Strengthen customer relationships with targeted, automated email campaigns.

Marketing Automation

Engage customers with personalized journeys across mobile, web, OTT, push notification, and email experiences.

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