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  • A/B Testing
  • Push
  • Email
  • Parity Across Mobile & Web

Consumer expectations have fundamentally changed—but marketing cloud software hasn't. Taplytics is different. Our platform makes delivering personalized, cross-channel journeys easier.

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Omni-Channel Campaign Management

Build, test, and deliver highly-targeted messages across email, push, mobile, web, and more.

Product A/B Testing & Personalization

Experiment, roll-out features, and personalize experiences across your web, mobile, OTT, and IoT products.

User Journeys That Span Devices & Channels

Still trying to scale omni-channel engagement with a patchwork of systems and integrations? Build intricate user journeys with a single platform instead: the Taplytics Journey Builder. It works across push, email, web, mobile, OTT, and IoT devices to make every customer touchpoint relevant, consistent, and timely.

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Bring marketing & product experiences together

Use data from almost any digital touchpoint to customize what users see in your platforms or what marketing messages they get next.

  • Build “always on” journeys triggered by user behavior across channels.

  • Give users a consistent experience no matter where they interact with you.

  • Better track and understand the effectiveness of your user journeys.

Engage users with incredible marketing campaigns

Create personalized email, push, web, and other campaigns based on (almost) any custom attribute or action.

  • Send the most relevant product suggestions, offers, and messages.

  • Nurture users with timely messages (including location-based triggers).

  • Re-engage churned users with automated campaigns that will win them back.

Optimize the entire customer experience with A/B testing

Launch experiments, validate decisions, and optimize everything customers interact with across your products and marketing campaigns.

  • Run code-free or code-based experiments on almost any channel, device or platform.

  • See real-time results and automatically deploy the winning variants.

  • Control feature releases and time product roll-outs risk-free with feature flagging.