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  • A/B Testing, Feature Flags, & Behavioral Messaging

Modern development teams choose Taplytics to increase their ROI on the features they release. We provide zero bloat, cross-platform AB Testing and Feature Flag solutions that power the experiences within today's leading apps and websites.

Trusted by leading product, engineering, and marketing teams

Modern A/B Testing Software for Developers and Marketing Teams

Take full control of your releases. Instantly test and roll out new features with the most advanced feature management and experimentation platform.

A/B Testing

Taplytics is a full-stack A/B testing solution designed to help product, engineering, and marketing teams drive more revenue through any of their client or server-side applications.

Feature Flags for
Modern Development

Cut deployment risk and improve development time through controlled feature rollouts. Choose between our various SDKs, flexible API, private cloud, or on-prem deployment options.

50% Less
Engineering Time

We pride ourselves on providing you with the industry's best Customer Success team. You'll get real-time technical support from real humans. Our clients report a 50% decrease in Engineering time.

Multivariate Testing for All Platforms

See how modern digital teams create their competitive advantage by using Taplytics to ship and iterate faster.

Enterprise-Grade Split Testing for Any Client-Side or Server Application

Discover enterprise-grade, A/B testing for any client-side or server-side application. We are the only provider of no-code A/B testing for both web and native mobile apps.

Simple, flexible, and powerful feature flags

We help engineering teams reduce the time between a feature being code complete and a feature being deployed in production. And when it's in production, we help incrementally enable components of that new feature.

Customer engagement and experience is a journey—not a destination.

Taplytics combines the most used and loved software into one single platform.

A/B Testing

Unlock product & customer growth with integrated A/B testing across mobile, web, + OTT.

Feature Management

Manage product risks with feature flag segmentation, scheduling, and measurement.

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