Feature Flags

Confidently roll out products and manage features across web, mobile, OTT, and server-side applications. Target, test, and time new feature releases and quickly roll them back if things don’t go as planned—without relying on development resources.

Granular Targeting & Distribution

Deploy code and fine tune who gets the feature, whether it’s yourself, internal users, or a clearly defined production audience.

Easy Rollout & Rollback Switch

Introduce or hide features on mobile, web, and TV in just one click—without any app store updates.

Launch Features To Whomever & Whenever

Launch features immediately, or release them slowly over time to specific segments of your production audience.

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1. Create a feature flag in your main branch, hide your feature behind it & continuously deploy your code

Deploy features internally or to production with confidence, any time. Manage feature flags across web, mobile, OTT, and server-side. Use our hosted Universal API, deploy to your own private cloud, or run on-premise.

2. Deploy the feature behind a feature flag

Write your code, and wrap it within a feature flag, and then you can deploy straight to production.

It will stay dormant until you toggle it on.

3. Target specific segments of users

Release features based on user data such as purchase history, location, device type, behavior, as well as other custom attributes pulled from third-party systems.

Easily add or remove users from tests based on your findings.

4. Schedule the rollout of your new feature

Create an automated timed rollout schedule to incrementally increase the number of users who have access to a new feature over time, reducing the risk of technical issues ruining your users’ first experience with a new product.

5. Publish your feature to your audience!

Once you’ve tested, received feedback on your feature, and you’re happy and confident for it to go to production, the last step is to publish your feature! Roll-back or pause your feature in case anything goes wrong.

Popular Integrations

Seamlessly connect Taplytics feature flag data to your favorite analytics sources to better track how your features are impacting your product usage and key metrics.

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