Modern Feature Management and A/B Testing.

It’s 2022 - you need more than just web A/B testing. Taplytics is the only no-code experimentation solution for both web and mobile.

We're product people too. We help developers and product managers cut deployment risk and improve development time through controlled feature rollouts and experimentation for both client and server-side applications.

A/B Testing For All Channels

Building products and experiences is only half the battle. Become a digital leader by testing, proving, and optimizing everything your customer sees.

  • No-Code A/B Testing

    Optimize both your mobile and web landing pages without requiring development resources. Build, release, and iterate faster so you can protect your ROAS and stay one step ahead.

  • Performance Focused

    Accelerate and validate new features and products with sub 50ms experiment delivery speeds across any connected device. We support web, mobile, OTT, and server-side deployments. No audience reach limits. No domain or sub-domain limits. No user seat limits.

  • Robust Integrations

    Get a full set of bi-directional integrations with Snowflake, Segment, mParticle, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Adobe, Google Analytics, and more.

Faster and Safer Releases

Feature management at scale. Get full control who sees new features so you can deploy faster, safer, and with greater confidence.

  • Staged Feature Rollouts

    Reduce deployment risk by targeting specific audiences and distribution percentages. Gradually increase or decrease the rollout or let Taplytics automate it for you. Get full reporting and analytics to monitor performance and communicate to stakeholders.

  • Powerful Segmentation

    Target specific audiences and cohorts via device, geographical location, purchase behaviour, or any custom attribute. Lightning fast delivery in under 50ms.

  • Flexible Deployment Options

    With various SDK, API, private cloud, or on-premise options, we provide continuous delivery solutions that make it easy for your team to take full control of your releases.

Built With Data Security & Privacy In Mind

Successful customer experiences don’t have to sacrifice customer privacy. Taplytics was built with unparalleled security at its core to let companies securely leverage data—without putting their users at risk.

  • Securely Connect To Your Existing Data

    Data security doesn’t have to slow you down. Securely connect to your existing data infrastructure and create whole new experiences for customers that weren't possible before.

  • Single-Tenant & On-Premise Capabilities

    We support single-tenant cloud installations, perfect for security-conscious companies. Prefer not to use the cloud? We also offer on-premises installation, giving you the ability to run Taplytics on your own secure servers.

  • Own Your Own Encryption Keys

    Maintain full control over your user data at all times. Whether you choose a single-tenant or on-premises installation, Taplytics gives you the ability to own your encryption keys, ensuring only your company has access.

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