Personalization at Scale,
Powered by AI.

Without writing a single line of code, instantly generate personalized copy for any audience. Meet Genius AI by Taplytics.

AI-Powered Personalization Recommendations

  • Let Genius AI Do The Heavy Lifting

    Leverage any of our AI algorithms and select any text-based element on a webpage and instantly receive AI-powered copy suggestions to optimize site conversion.

  • Personalization At Scale

    Leverage Taplytics' Genius AI to help create tailored experiences across any persona, ranging from retail shoppers, financial institutions, food delivery patrons, and more.

  • Let Data Inform What Converts

    Let the data from your experiments help guide what copy truly converts better. Instead of hours of editing copy, you're on click from simplifying the experiment creation process.

Accelerate Your Experimentation Program

  • Unlock Any Bottlenecks

    Kickstart your experimentation program with Genius AI to empower product teams to execute high impact optimizations with minimal dev effort.

  • Speed To Market

    Get copy recommendations in seconds instead of hours to help personalize and ship your experiments from beginning to end without any engineering effort.

  • Identify More Experiment Opportunities

    Empower your product and marketing team to take more ownership of experimentation ideas with our no-code visual editor to get up and running in a pinch.

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