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Best Optimizely Alternative

Consumer expectations of their digital experiences are rising faster than companies can keep up. Product teams don’t have the tools to identify where they should make improvements and objectively measure effectiveness across platforms to make experimentation a competitive advantage for them.

After using Optimizely, several teams look for alternatives that don’t limit their growth or charge for additional add ons. Don’t let add ons stunt your experimentation growth. Taplytics is an Optimizely alternative that has stronger performance, is truly cross-platform with a fair price, and has customer service where you actually talk to real people in real-time.

You need more than just web A/B testing. No matter what channel or screen your customers are on, get complete feature management and experimentation across mobile, web, OTT, and any server-side applications.


Common feedback from Optimizely customers is that experiments deliver a “flicker” due to platform latency. This erodes end-user experience and creates unnecessary friction. Taplytics is the fastest A/B testing solution and visual editor on the market with experiments delivered at edge to any platform – website, mobile app, or OTT app. With Taplytics you will never see a flicker.

Unlike Optimizely, Taplytics is the essential command center for advanced user targeting. You can now securely personalize who receives an experiment at any given time, while seamlessly defining bucketing prerequisites across multiple platforms and environments. With the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can easily create intricate user paths which guide users through new feature scenarios. We have remote creation and management via API with a visual command center to manage the entire customer experience beyond the user’s first session within an experiment. No other player in the market does this aside from us.


Optimizely is a great A/B testing functionality, but so is Taplytics and you need a solution that will work on any platform. Picking a solution that works on web and mobile alike is a no-brainer. Taplytics released the first mobile, code-free editor in the market. Since then, we’ve released client and server-side deployment options to serve every channel – mobile, web, and OTT. Optimizely does not support high velocity mobile A/B testing or feature flags which creates unnecessary limitations.

In addition, Optimizely lacks a Mobile Visual Editor resulting in more lines of code for your dev team. Taplytics is a mobile-first solution that supports client-side, server-side, and flexible API deployment methods. With Taplytics you can consolidate your stack so you can focus on your customers and growing revenue. Your solution should work for you, not the other way around.

Customer Service

Nothing is more frustrating than poor customer service. The most common feedback we receive from ex-Optimizely customers is they never hear from their account representatives other than at contract renewal. With Optimizely, you don’t get direct access to anyone. Rather, you get a different support representative each time with no continuity. The new support representative you get each time doesn’t know your business, goals, or environment meaning it takes additional time and effort to ramp them up each time. This can be extremely frustrating.

At Taplytics, we look at your experimentation as a true partnership. Your success is our success. That is why you will receive a dedicated Customer Success team that guides you through implementation and will provide ongoing training and enablement throughout the relationship. You will also receive a direct Slack channel to reach the Taplytics team in real-time.


One of the biggest reasons Taplytics is the best Optimizely alternative is the pricing difference. Optimizely treats additional domains and personalization features as add-ons that you have to pay for in addition to your base plan. In addition, raw data access is not standard with Optimizely. Taplytics includes personalization and multiple-domain targeting in our standard offering. Taplytics provides raw data access to allow you to see the full user journey and how your users engage with your products.

Optimizely also limits experiment reach to a quota of users who are permitted to receive experiments. This does not allow for a comprehensive experimentation program and isn’t budget efficient. If you want to roll a winning variation to all users, you have to request the dev team to hard code because you can’t use Optimizely to release it to all users. A Taplytics client who was with Optimizely would waste two weeks of waiting for approvals with Optimizely.

Onboarding with Optimizely is also expensive and they change $20-30K for onboarding services that are standard with Taplytics. We don’t believe that you should have to pay to learn how to use our product. We offer a support team that’s always available to you and you’re always talking to a real person. Optimizely also has their own “bring your own analytics” option but their price doesn’t change which means you could be paying upwards of $200K for a package that omits analytics.

We don’t cap your users and allow you full flexibility for who you want to receive the experiment. We also offer unlimited seats since we encourage cross team collaboration. Experimentation should be available to everyone on your team.

You can seamlessly connect Taplytics experiment data to your favorite analytics sources to better track how your experiments are impacting your product usage and key metrics. Privacy is also at the core of our products. We never store any sensitive customer data and give you full flexibility over how you obfuscate IDs. Unlike Optimizely, Taplytics lets you reach your full audience without getting blocked by Safari or other ad blockers.

Try Taplytics for Free

We’re so confident that you’ll love Taplytics that if you’re an Optimizely customer we’ll buy out your contract when you get started with Taplytics. If you’re interested in trying us for free, you can create a 14-day free trial to see why product managers, marketers and engineers pick Taplytics over Optimizely.