Case Study: How Drives Growth with Rapid Experimentation empowers American lottery players to track their tickets and play on the go using the popular app. The company exhibits an exemplary experimentation culture, which is embodied by a growth team that practices high tempo testing. In their market, it ultimately comes down to who enters first and who offers the best possible user experience. Additionally, companies must be able to work well with governments, public policy andRead more

Best Onboarding Practices

What to A/B Test for the Best User Onboarding Results

Take a look at your metrics, and you’ll find that one obvious number that directly correlates with monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is active users. The key time to create active users is during user onboarding; if a user is activated in this time, then they are much more likely to improve MRR. For instance, Airbrake, an error tracking and discovery tool, found that activated users were 300% more likelyRead more

How to Build an Experimentation Culture

Time and time again, you’ve heard about the importance of testing: the more you experiment, the faster you learn, and the faster you can drive growth. What’s less obvious is how to put testing into practice. If your team isn’t aligned around experimentation, getting people to test often makes it seem like you’re asking them to do more work. The best you’re going to get is people running one-offRead more

mobile ROI_experiments header

How Rapid Experimentation Drives Mobile ROI

Mobile apps are expensive to develop and maintain, but they can drive a huge return on investment for your business. Mobile-first companies, such as Uber and Facebook, generate billions annually off the strength of their apps alone. So why isn’t your app making more money? The problem is that a lot of folks simply develop a mobile app and expect it to fly. 67% of marketers don’t even measureRead more

A Quick-Start Guide to Testing Mobile User Onboarding

When you build an app, you know what your product can do—but if you can’t communicate that clearly and quickly to your users, they’ll leave. People lose interest so easily that the average app loses 86% of its new users in their first use. The key to retaining new users is onboarding: the process of explaining how your product works and why it’s worth their time. The way thatRead more

the year of customer experience - 2017

Goodbye 2017, Hello to the Year of the Customer Experience!

We’re back at our desks ready to take on the new year along with all of the opportunities and challenges 2018 is sure to bring. 2017 was an exciting ride that we can’t help but to reflect on as we start to think about what challenges and problems we want to help brands solve next. Personalization and customer experiences have started to take the world by storm, as companiesRead more

Introducing the Taplytics Experience Cloud

Today’s most aspirational brands create magical experiences at each customer interaction. Customers are not treated as marketing segments or ‘users’, but rather as individuals at different stages of a journey with the brand. Brands who treat each of their customers this way and provide a unique, contextual experience that’s consistent across all digital channels are the ones who succeed in building deep relationships with their customers that cultivate brandRead more

Increase App Downloads

7 Ways to Increase App Downloads

The Apple App Store and Google Play store have over 2 million apps each (and counting). It’s hard to compete with all the choices out there! It’s important to invest your time increasing retention and downloads for your app to bring it to the masses. Here are some ways you can increase app downloads efficiently and effectively. 1. Encourage users to rate and review your app If your usersRead more

Retail A/B Test Examples

6 Examples of the Best Retail A/B Tests

With so many opportunities for you to run A/B tests in your retail apps, it’s hard to know where to start. Read on for testing ideas that can help you make the biggest impact on your user experience, help you retain shoppers and get them adding more to their cart. 1. Onboarding Flows Users are impatient and want to be able to navigate and use your app as soonRead more

what is feature flagging

Feature Flags Explained: Use Cases, Benefits and Examples

First thing’s first: what are feature flags? Feature flags are also commonly referred to as feature toggles, or switches. At a high level, the purpose of a feature flag is to enable or disable a feature. They help you take control of your releases by sending new features to specific audience segments and allowing you to choose the exact percentage of your users that receive an experiment. [source] ThereRead more