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  • Unlimited seats
  • Experiment on unlimited device types
  • Chat/Slack/Email/Phone Support
  • Roles and permissions
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Advanced Targeting


Just to Get Started

  • Up to 1 Seat
  • Experiment on 1 device type
  • No phone/email support
  • Up to 5K MAUs

All Plans Include

Digital Personalization

Create, preview and test visual edits on any device. Run experiments across web to mobile to OTT devices.

  • Visual Editor
  • Preview Mode
  • Analytics Integration

  • Import Segments
  • Experiment Management
  • REST API Access

  • Event Based Targeting

Mobile Apps

Taplytics’ mobile experimentation solution enables non-technical team members to accelerate the speed of mobile app changes without engineer involvement or app store updates. The engineering friendly solution also helps with user flow testing and roll-outs of new designs and features.

  • Visual Editor
  • Preview Mode
  • Analytics Integration

  • Import Segments
  • Experiment Management
  • REST API Access

  • Event Based Targeting

Web Optimization

Create quick web edits and tests to optimize for engagement across all your web pages. Taplytics allows you to validate web changes to ensure your customers understand the value of your product.

  • Visual Editor
  • Instant Roll-Outs
  • Feature Flagging

  • Analytics
  • Out of the Box Event Tracking
  • Accounts Roles and Permissions

  • REST API Access
  • Event Based Targeting

Push Notifications

Taplytics helps you discover what strategies are most effective by running segmented tests and take advantage of knowing exactly who you’re talking to. Send the most personalized messaging to increase engagement, adoption, and retention.

  • Event Driven Messaging
  • API Driven Messaging
  • Geolocation Driven Messaging

  • Rule Based Messaging
  • Campaign Management
  • Messaging Analytics

  • Powerful Segmentation


Whether your app lives on AndroidTV, Apple TV/tvOS, or Amazon Fire TV, Taplytics aims to bring the same A/B testing and optimization to these platforms as they grow more popular. This gives the opportunity to run very impactful tests quickly using Taplytics by changing these clear user flows.

  • Analytics Integration
  • Import Custom Segments
  • OTT A/B Testing

  • tvOS Supported
  • Amazon Fire TV Supported
  • Android TV Supported

  • Analytics
  • REST API Access


Taplytics empowers your business intelligence team to build more rigorous dashboards to feed you the data required to make impactful decisions. All data captured by tests and campaigns you run with Taplytics can be sent back to any third party data visualization software or data base. No waiting around for us to deliver, we send your data in real time so you can iterate as fast as you’re experimenting.

  • SQL Query Ready
  • Real-Time Data
  • Raw Data Export

  • Data Visualization
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Funnel Analysis

  • Easy integrations with:
    • Looker
    • Tableau
    • Periscope
    • and More