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Top A/B Testing Feature Requirements

When looking for an A/B testing tool you need to ensure it has all the features that will help you quickly and easily deploy experiments. We’ve broken down the features that top A/B testing tools have so you know what to look out for when picking your A/B testing tool.

Cross-Platform Experimentation

You reach your customers across several platforms, not just web so why pick a solution that limits your experimentation to just web.

Run A/B tests on any device connected to the internet with our lightweight Universal API. From mobile, OTT to voice assistants, the sky’s the limit when it comes to experimenting across smart devices. Taplytics allows you to launch A/B tests quickly on almost any channel, without installing an SDK. You also won’t have to worry about the dreaded “flicker” effect when sending experiments to users thanks to our lightweight cloud functions distributed at edge.

Our cross-platform experimentation keeps your users’ experiences consistent across devices through user-based bucketing. Experimenting across one code base for iOS and Android allows you to experiment, build and evaluate your cross-platform strategy all in one interface. Our pre-built React Native hooks that help you manage state out of box, you can focus on experimenting instead of instrumenting our SDK to learn and iterate on features faster.

Taplytics is the fastest React Native Feature Management and A/B testing SDK. With our lightweight SDKs and Universal API, our response times are 50% faster than the industry standard, Taplytics is the #1 platform for delivering high-quality software releases, instantly.

No-Code A/B Testing

Make experimentation easier for everyone on your team. You don’t want to rely on your dev team to run experiments, so it’s important to find an A/B testing tool that can be used by everyone on your team – even if they can’t code.

With Taplytics you can quickly create no-code experiments for mobile (iOS and Android), web, and OTT (tvOS, Android TV, Amazon TV, Roku TV) to grow your products and drive user retention. Our no-code editor allows you to easily test buttons, copy, images, and colors.

Still want to code? No problem! Your dev team can also build code-based tests quickly by setting up a reusable code blocks and variables library, then launch tests without making app store updates.

Audience Segmentation

You need a platform that targets users by location, platform, activity, or other custom data. With Taplytics you can control the percentage of users in a test, set up timed rollouts, or use our code-free feature flagging option to incrementally release new products.

You can also track your results in real time. Connect our goal editor to third-party systems to track the impact your experiments are having on conversion rates, and send Taplytics experiment data to systems you already use for analysis to gain further insights.

A/B Testing That Helps You Understand How To Optimize User Experiences

You need a tool that will help validate your ideas with in-depth analytics that show what’s really influencing user behavior. With Taplytics you can export data to other systems to track how your optimization efforts are supporting your business goals.

In order to quickly assess your experiments you can set up goals for any conversion type via integrations with third-party systems. From there you can filter results by segments, see when rollouts to your entire user base are complete and more.

Want to uncover even deeper business insights? Connect event or experiment data with analytics tools like Looker, Mode, and Tableau to visualize how your experiments are impacting other areas of the customer experience.

A/B Testing Customer Support

Stop settling for unresponsive customer support and start getting value from your A/B testing solution. At Taplytics, you’ll receive a dedicated Customer Success team that guides you through implementation and will provide ongoing training and enablement throughout the relationship.

Time and speed are valuable. We get it. That’s why with Taplytics you’ll receive real-time support. You’ll receive a direct Slack channel to reach the Taplytics team in real-time to answer any questions and resolve any challenges so you’re never left hanging.

You deserve customer support that cares about your success. Our Customer Success team provides you with an evaluation according to the Taplytics Digital Growth Framework. It is our method of analyzing an organization’s ability to deliver exceptional user experiences.

Start A/B Testing With Taplytics For Free

Want to start A/B testing with Taplytics? We’re offering a free 14-day trial with no credit card needed. You’ll gain access to on-prem and cloud deployment options with unlimited A/B tests along with domains, our entire integration library, full-stack API options, feature flags, and more.

If you’re an Optimizely customer we’re so confident you’ll love our product that if you make the switch to Taplytics we’ll buy out the rest of your contract.

Stop using an outdated platform and pick a modern data-driven product management stack.