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  • Taplytics is excited to announce that Steven Silberbach will be joining the company as Senior Vice President of Global Sales in January 2019. A recognized expert in building high-performance sales teams, Steven brings over 20 years of sales leadership experience to the role, gained from his time as an executive at top-tier technology companies like Salesforce and, most recently, Clio.
  • Companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook have raised the bar for personalization. And, in the process, they’ve increased the expectations users have for all brands when it comes to delivering personalized experiences. In fact, according to Salesforce research, 59% of consumers say tailored engagement (based on past interactions) is very important to winning their business. Brands that ignore the personalization trend will
  • finance app_optimize
    Building finance apps isn’t easy. The data privacy, security and regulation challenges make earning and retaining mobile users harder than almost any other app type. However, there are a few key areas finserve and fintech mobile apps can focus on improving if they want to build user trust faster and make their platforms stickier. In this post, we’ll walk through
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    Taplytics, the modern customer experience company, brings in Jason Primeau as Vice President of Engineering to lead the company’s product growth strategies. As Taplytics makes the transition from a high-growth startup to serving more enterprise organizations, maintaining its product reliability, performance, and focus is essential. The Engineering team is incredibly excited to bring in a first-rate leader to help them
  • Taplytics, the modern customer experience company, brings in experienced SaaS leader Andrew Hastings as Vice President of Marketing to lead the company’s marketing and growth strategies. Andrew Hastings was welcomed to the Taplytics team last week by the fresh pineapple that was sitting on his desk. Pineapples are not only a delicious summer fruit, but a traditional symbol of friendship
  • Taplytics surveyed 160 Product Managers on how they think about creating wonderful customer experiences filled with magic moments. We asked them about what role customer feedback, in any of its forms, plays in the development and growth of their products. The report shared the findings from the survey, as well as some of the comments and feedback from contributing PMs.
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    Every product team likes to say that they’re customer-driven. Their company’s mission is all about putting the customer first, and their office is decorated with “customers rule everything around me” posters. It’s easy to pay lip service to being customer-led — but being user-oriented is much harder in practice. It doesn’t matter what your decor says — truly building around
  • “In my opinion, personalization is the key to success for most products and services.” -Valentine Aseyo, Senior Vice President of Product, Bandsintown Bandsintown is a platform for music fans to discover live music events, new sounds, and opportunities to connect with their favourite artists. Valentine Aseyo is the SVP of Product who firmly believes that the platform’s success can be
  • Lottery.com empowers American lottery players to track their tickets and play on the go using the popular app. The company exhibits an exemplary experimentation culture, which is embodied by a growth team that practices high tempo testing. In their market, it ultimately comes down to who enters first and who offers the best possible user experience. Additionally, companies must be
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    If you’re building a mobile app, you want to embrace continuous deployment. Releasing small batches of code as soon as they’re ready is much less risky than big feature releases. But achieving the speed needed for CD is tough in mobile. You have to rigorously QA even small changes before fully releasing, or you risk deploying buggy code that breaks.
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    When people use an app more than once, it’s usually because of great onboarding. They were taught the core value of the app, so they were able to build a habit around using the product. But what happens after users have completed onboarding and understand why they should use your app? You’ve laid the seeds for long-term success within your
  • 3…2…1 … Blast off! Taplytics is excited to release Launch Control as part of the Taplytics Experience Cloud. Launch Control gives companies feature flagging abilities that help control releases and mitigate the risk of every feature launch. What is Feature Flagging? Think of feature flags like a set of switches, one for each of your product features. You can remotely