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Closing the Loop with Mobile A/B Testing


In today’s world, there is an app for everything. In fact, there are multiple. With so much competition, understanding the behaviour of your users is critical to ensure success.

To really understand what’s working and what isn’t, app creators have to form testable hypotheses. These Hypotheses should test how new features and changes to their app will impact key metrics like adoption, growth, engagement, and retention.

Most businesses understand the importance of analytics. They start out by setting up a website and plugging in an analytics product like Google Analytics or Amplitude. These tools provide great insights into the activity of your users, yet they are limited in their ability to help app creators identify clear, actionable steps to improve your business. Every application with an analytics platform should be complemented with mobile A/B testing.

Analytics without testing is just information. Mobile analytics helps you narrow the universe of potential growth inflection points, and mobile A/B testing helps you validate that a particular action or feature is indeed leading to higher retention, engagement, etc. The ability to test out features, call to actions, flows and link these back to your results is essential to test the bigger questions that result in a greater ROI and optimized in-app experience. By combining analytics and A/B testing, you close the loop between finding correlation and being able to validate the causes.

Taplytics is a mobile optimization platform that gives companies the ability to mobile A/B test their applications, send personalized pushes, and provide open access to their mobile data to ask custom queries. We enable companies to make more informed decisions about how users are using mobile apps to improve how they target and engage them. We help companies find the answers to the questions to discover new engagement opportunities, monetization channels, and user trends. You can query your mobile data to find the answers to the questions your business needs most and take immediate action.

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