The State of Product Management: Creating Magical Moments with Customer Feedback

Taplytics surveyed 160 Product Managers on how they think about creating wonderful customer experiences filled with magic moments. We asked them about what role customer feedback, in any of its forms, plays in the development and growth of their products. The report shared the findings from the survey, as well as some of the comments and feedback from contributing PMs. This blog post is a condensed, sneak peak thatRead more

From utility to community: unlocking growth in the personalization era

“In my opinion, personalization is the key to success for most products and services.” -Valentine Aseyo, Senior Vice President of Product, Bandsintown Bandsintown is a platform for music fans to discover live music events, new sounds, and opportunities to connect with their favourite artists. Valentine Aseyo is the SVP of Product who firmly believes that the platform’s success can be attributed to its extreme level of personalization. This inRead more

Just Ship it! Launch early to collect valuable user feedback

“Ship it”, your manager says. “We’ve spent enough time tweaking the product, let’s just put it out there and see what happens”. That thought can be scary, there’s no doubt about it. Releasing a product or feature when you have a full page of edits you could make can be daunting. But what do you really have to lose? Wouldn’t you rather find out what people think to seeRead more

How BMO challenges top down thinking with user centered design

Placing users at the center of product design has many proven benefits, but above all, it helps companies create a product that reflects real customer needs. UX research and testing help companies determine what will go into the product’s first iteration and how it will evolve over time to serve users as their needs continually change. Unfortunately, this mindset isn’t often adopted by companies in industries like financial servicesRead more

guide to behavioural economics - product manager - psychology

The Product Manager’s Guide to Behavioral Economics

As a product manager, understanding the psychology of people—what makes them tick—may be your most important asset. To get your ideas off the ground, you need to get other people to believe in them. To ship them, you need to be able to run a team and manage conflicting priorities. And to make them successful, you need to tap into your users’ psychology and fulfill a real need orRead more

Introducing the Taplytics Experience Cloud

Today’s most aspirational brands create magical experiences at each customer interaction. Customers are not treated as marketing segments or ‘users’, but rather as individuals at different stages of a journey with the brand. Brands who treat each of their customers this way and provide a unique, contextual experience that’s consistent across all digital channels are the ones who succeed in building deep relationships with their customers that cultivate brandRead more

what is feature flagging

Feature Flags Explained: Use Cases, Benefits and Examples

First thing’s first: what are feature flags? Feature flags are also commonly referred to as feature toggles, or switches. At a high level, the purpose of a feature flag is to enable or disable a feature. They help you take control of your releases by sending new features to specific audience segments and allowing you to choose the exact percentage of your users that receive an experiment. [source] ThereRead more

How to Experiment like Facebook and Netflix By Adopting the “10,000 Experiment Rule”

If you’ve ever learned to play a sport or a musical instrument growing up, you’ve probably heard the phrase, “practice makes perfect.” As kids, we’re often conditioned to think that the more time we devote to learning a craft, the closer we get to perfect. Today, that may no longer be true, especially in rapidly changing fields such as technology and business. Rather than spending 10,000 hours learning howRead more

Product Iteration Feedback Loop

How Facebook Improves Customer Experiences with User Feedback

Mike Shaver, former Director of Engineering at Facebook, shares how the tech giant guides product decisions with user feedback. When it comes to user feedback, Facebook is challenged with the opportunity of scale; there are literally billions of people who interact with the product whose session data can teach designers how user behaviour is changing. User feedback is key to iterative product development; build, listen, iterate and repeat! Regardless ofRead more

Patreon Pairs: Why Pair Designing Should Be Your New Norm

Patreon Pairs: Why Pair Designing Should Be Your New Norm

Interview with Karl Dotter, Senior Product Designer at Patreon. You’ve already heard about pair programming. The popular practice puts two keyboards, two monitors and two engineers at ONE computer. Companies like Facebook, Square and Twitter religiously practice pair developing. But, have you heard about pair designing? Karl Dotter, a cartoonist and designer who’s worked at AOL, Cisco, Amazon, and, most recently taken on the role of Senior Product DesignerRead more