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How to Build a Customer-Led Product Team

Every product team likes to say that they’re customer-driven. Their company’s mission is all about putting the customer first, and their office is decorated with “customers rule everything around me” posters. It’s easy to pay lip service to being customer-led — but being user-oriented is much harder in practice. It doesn’t matter what your decor says — truly building around the customer is a function of how your productRead more

From utility to community: unlocking growth in the personalization era

“In my opinion, personalization is the key to success for most products and services.” -Valentine Aseyo, Senior Vice President of Product, Bandsintown Bandsintown is a platform for music fans to discover live music events, new sounds, and opportunities to connect with their favourite artists. Valentine Aseyo is the SVP of Product who firmly believes that the platform’s success can be attributed to its extreme level of personalization. This inRead more

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How Feature Flags Enable a Culture of Continuous Deployment

If you’re building a mobile app, you want to embrace continuous deployment. Releasing small batches of code as soon as they’re ready is much less risky than big feature releases. But achieving the speed needed for CD is tough in mobile. You have to rigorously QA even small changes before fully releasing, or you risk deploying buggy code that breaks. What complicates matters further is that updates have toRead more

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How to Boost Your App’s User Retention Beyond Onboarding

When people use an app more than once, it’s usually because of great onboarding. They were taught the core value of the app, so they were able to build a habit around using the product. But what happens after users have completed onboarding and understand why they should use your app? You’ve laid the seeds for long-term success within your app through onboarding. But after, you still need toRead more

Really Good UX Decisions from Customer-Centric Teams

People think style is the key to great UX—an app with sleek graphics and elegant design has the “right look,” so it should perform well with users. But prioritizing the aesthetic of your app actually leads to bad UX. You place an unnecessary design element in your app because it has a cool feature, and the fancy addition only leaves users annoyed or confused. Great app design—the kind thatRead more

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How Retailers Can Use Mobile Apps In a World Dominated By Amazon

Everyone from your boss to your grandma has said it—Amazon is taking over retail. As the company’s market share increases, brick-and-mortar retail sales have steadily decreased. To fight back against Amazon, retailers know that they can’t compete with Amazon on convenience or speed, so they focus their efforts in an area where Amazon can’t make the same kind of improvements: customer experience. Amazon has dominated retail over the pastRead more

execute vs innovate - The Hustle

It’s Time to End the Execute vs Innovate Debate

At the start of the new year, The Hustle’s John Havel reflected on a story from the media company’s early days. CEO Sam Parr told him to stop trying to perfect something and to ship what was ‘good enough’. (Read: John, nobody is going to look twice at that website footer, please stop obsessing over it.) Like most people, Sam and John ended up meeting in the middle. EverRead more

In house push notification checklist

Everything You Need to Build an in-House Push Notification Tool

With all the talk about push notifications, it’s easy to get excited and want to build a push notification tool or system of your own. But with all that excitement, we want to make sure you’re ready to take on this challenge. This is going to be a group effort, so make sure you share this with all your teammates to make sure you’re all on the same pageRead more

build customer connections with experiences not products

Build Customer Connections with Experiences, not Products

Brands have become obsessed with finding the secret to building customer connections and brand loyalty. Many of them tirelessly try to optimize their email timing, sale price, or product packaging. These are all small details that are part of a much bigger picture. In order to develop a relationship with your customers, you need to deliver experiences that are unique and delightful. Brands who push the boundaries to createRead more

How BMO challenges top down thinking with user centered design

Placing users at the center of product design has many proven benefits, but above all, it helps companies create a product that reflects real customer needs. UX research and testing help companies determine what will go into the product’s first iteration and how it will evolve over time to serve users as their needs continually change. Unfortunately, this mindset isn’t often adopted by companies in industries like financial servicesRead more