Taplytics Customer Success Stories

Here's how some of our customers have leveraged our platform to drive higher user engagement, conversions and more.

Retail (Food)

How Chick-fil-A Increased Mobile Sales through Faster A/B Testing

Learn how Chick-fil-A used the Taplytics Visual Editor to quickly start testing their app’s design, which resulted in:

  • 6% increase in mobile payments

  • Mobile payment-related support calls reduced to zero

  • Higher customer satisfaction with the mobile app

Tech (People & Culture)

How Good&Co Increased In-App Conversions & Engagement

Learn how Good&Co used Taplytics to experiment with different user paths faster than before, which resulted in:

  • 6% increasing in number of first-time user quiz completions

  • 27% growth of engagement with Karma points feature

  • Good&Co’s validation process significantly sped up

e-Commerce (Entertainment)

How TodayTix A/B Increased Ticket Purchases By 9%—With One Simple Experiment

Learn how TodayTix saw huge returns with a simple onboarding flow experiment, which resulted in:

  • 59% increase in completed registrations

  • 9% increase in tickets purchased

  • Validating decisions and impacting business metrics faster

e-Commerce (Entertainment)

How Lottery.com Drives Growth with Rapid Experimentation

Learn how Lottery.com used Taplytics to speed up their A/B testing process—without using more engineering resources—which resulted in:

  • Uncovering underperforming elements in their app

  • A 60% increase in CTA click-through

  • Making decisions based on real-time user insights