Leveraging A/B Testing to Supercharge Your Growth

Digital leaders from Taplytics, Shopify, Equinox, and Talkspace share insights on how to uncover what’s working and pinpoint where to double down to exceed customer expectations and keep pace with the competition.


Cobi Druxerman
Co-Founder & Head of Product at Taplytics


Farhan Thawar
VP Engineering at Shopify


Joshua Petrovani Miller
Senior Product Manager at Talkspace


Matthew Sadofsky
Head of Growth at Equinox Media

Looking To Upgrade Your Current Stack?

The #1 platform for delivering high-quality software releases, instantly.

All-In-One Product Growth

• Visual, Code-free A/B testing on web and mobile
• Both Client Side and Server Side Options
• Flexible API and SDK-free deployments
• Connected messaging features

Fastest & Most Reliable Feature Management System

• Edge deployment for sub 50ms response times
• Enterprise grade performance SLA
• 99.9% uptime guarantee

Personalization Across All Your Users

• Personalize every experiment and experience
• No audience reach limits
• No domain or sub-domain limits
• No user seat limits

Real-Time Slack Support

• Best in class service
• Responsive support and customer success team
• Training and onboarding
• Taplytics Growth Framework assessment

Full Suite of Seamless Integrations

• mParticle
• Segment
• Mixpanel
• Amplitude
• Google Analytics
• Adobe Analytics and more

Protect Customer Privacy

• Balance personalization & experimentation with customer data privacy
• EU Privacy Shield
• HIPAA compliant

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