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Roku TV Application A/B Testing Now Available From Taplytics

About a year ago, we here at Taplytics released our smart TV application testing, which made running usability experiments on Apple TV, Android TV, and Fire TV apps easier and faster.

This year, we’ve added Roku TV to the list of Over-The-Top (OTT) media streaming applications we support.

Now, developers can enhance the usability of Roku smart TV applications with our A/B testing and feature rollout capabilities.

How Taplytics’ Smart TV App Testing Works

With Taplytics’ Roku application testing, you can create tests for almost anything in the code. Tests can be applied to an OTT app that’s on a smartphone, tablet or TV box.

Smart TV app experiments you can run include:

  • Changing the copy or color of visual elements
  • witching-up subscription or onboarding flows
  • Creating targeted experiences based on a variety of user behaviors or attributes
  • Rolling out (or rolling back) new features quickly, such as autoplay, recommendations, and more

With Taplytics’ TV app experiments, you can instantly activate or hide features. You also control how many users are in an experiment and adjust that number quickly depending on test results.

Our analytics help you quickly see if changes are having the impact you want. And, if the aren’t working out as planned, you can easily roll them back before they impact your larger user base.

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About Taplytics

We’re on a mission to make experimenting on TV applications is as straightforward as it is for websites and mobile apps.

We help companies deliver incredible customer experiences with our intelligent suite of experimentation, engagement, and analytics solutions. Learn more about our smart TV and OTT app testing capabilities here.