A/B Testing & Experimentation

Launch powerful A/B tests for mobile (iOS and Android), web, email and TV to determine what will engage and convert users at every step of their journey.

Robust Experiment Dashboard

Create powerful code-based A/B tests, or launch code-free visual experiments without engineering support. Track results in real-time—from a single platform.

User- & Device-Based Bucketing

Make your users' experience consistent and tailored to their preferences—no matter what device or channel they interact with you through.

Customized A/B Test Distribution

Target random or specific groups, and quickly add or remove users from your tests. Schedule full rollouts of the winning variants over time.

Goal Tracking & Reporting

Measure the impact of experiments with flexible goal tracking and integrations. Or, let our AI assistant suggest opportunities for improvement.

Mobile A/B Testing

Drive Mobile Adoption Faster

Quickly create visual experiments—without help from engineering—or custom code-based A/B tests for your mobile (iOS and Android) or mobile-web app to optimize your users' experiences and drive behavior.

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  • Experiment Faster

    Easily test buttons, copy, images, and colors with our code-free Visual Editor, or build code-based tests fast by setting up a reusable Code Blocks & Variables Library. Then, launch tests without making app store updates.

  • Control Who Sees What

    Target users by location, platform, activity, or other custom data. Control the percentage of users in a test, set up timed rollouts, or use our code-free feature flagging option—Launch Control—to incrementally release new products.

  • Track Results In Real-Time

    Connect our Goal Editor to third-party systems to track the impact your experiments are having on conversion rates. Pass Taplytics experiment data to systems you already use for analysis to gain further insights.

Web A/B Testing

Continually Improve Your Web Experiences

Understand which experiences perform better by linking your A/B tests to specific goals you have for your visitors. Or, let our AI assistant suggest your next move.

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  • Make Code-Free Changes On The Fly

    A/B test images, text, and other visual elements on your website—with minimal coding or web dev support—using our point-and-click Web Visual Editor. See your changes live, and launch your experiment in a few clicks when you're ready.

  • Craft Personalized Experiences

    Create tests for specific groups based on user data, behaviour, or other custom attributes pulled from third-party sources. Then, see if content variations related to their interests, purchasing history, or location impact your results.

  • Track The Impact Of A/B Tests On Your Goals

    Use our Goal Editor and integrations with third-party tools to track almost any conversion related to your business’ KPIs. Then, have the winning experience rolled out to users immediately, or incrementally over time.

Smart TV/OTT App Testing

Turn Viewers Into Loyal Subscribers

Test customized user flows, layouts and content discovery functions to learn what captures your audience's attention. Run multiple targeted experiments simultaneously to validate ideas before rolling them out to all of your viewers.

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  • A/B Test On Over The Top (OTT) Devices

    Introduce new user flows using custom code variables for tvOS, Android TV, Amazon TV and Roku TV apps. Quickly experiment with visual changes for Android TV and Amazon TV using our live Visual Editor.

  • Deliver Targeted, 1:1 Experiences

    Present personalized content recommendations and interfaces for users based on their device, geography, past behavior and more, or pull content based on custom attributes from third-party databases.

  • Rollout Changes WIth Confidence

    Once you know what works, use our code-free Launch Control feature flagging tool to instantly or incrementally roll out new experiences. If things aren’t performing as planned, roll them back fast with the flip of a switch.

Email A/B Testing Journeys

Increase Email Engagement (& Avoid The Spam Folder)

Build automated email sequences that are triggered by user behaviors or attributes—instead of blanketing your audience with generic offers—so they only receive content that’s relevant to them.

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  • Easily A/B Test Emails & Journeys

    Test almost any element of your emails on a small subset of users with our WYSIWYG editor. Then, have the winner automatically sent to the rest of your list.

  • Send Incredibly Personalized Content

    Use our Easy Query Builder to segment users fast by a variety of attributes. Then, pull in Custom Variables from third-party sources to personalize email content.

  • Collaborate On Email Campaigns

    Build email templates, assign permission-based roles, track progress and send requests for localizations from different regions with our Teams functionality.

IoT A/B Testing

Experiment On Any Device To Deliver Incredible User Experiences

Use our lightweight Decision API to start quickly running A/B tests on any device connected to the internet.

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  • Test On Any Device Or Channel

    Create experiments for voice assistants, wearables, connected appliances, game consoles, and other smart devices without worrying about the programming language.

  • Launch Experiments Quickly

    Skip the SDK install to start A/B testing your products ASAP. Give users the best experience—and avoid the dreaded "flicker" effect—with lightning-fast, server-side delivery.

  • Optimize The User Experience

    Keep your users' experiences consistent across devices through user-based bucketing. Optimize the customer journey by tracking events and creating custom conversion goals.

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