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4 Steps for Optimizing Fintech & Finserve Mobile Apps

Building finance apps isn’t easy. The data privacy, security and regulation challenges make earning and retaining mobile users harder than almost any other app type. However, there are a few key areas finserve and fintech mobile apps can focus on improving if they want to build user trust faster and make their platforms stickier. In this post, we’ll walk through a 4-part framework we use to help our financialRead more

The State of Product Management: Creating Magical Moments with Customer Feedback

Taplytics surveyed 160 Product Managers on how they think about creating wonderful customer experiences filled with magic moments. We asked them about what role customer feedback, in any of its forms, plays in the development and growth of their products. The report shared the findings from the survey, as well as some of the comments and feedback from contributing PMs. This blog post is a condensed, sneak peak thatRead more

From utility to community: unlocking growth in the personalization era

“In my opinion, personalization is the key to success for most products and services.” -Valentine Aseyo, Senior Vice President of Product, Bandsintown Bandsintown is a platform for music fans to discover live music events, new sounds, and opportunities to connect with their favourite artists. Valentine Aseyo is the SVP of Product who firmly believes that the platform’s success can be attributed to its extreme level of personalization. This inRead more

Just Ship it! Launch early to collect valuable user feedback

“Ship it”, your manager says. “We’ve spent enough time tweaking the product, let’s just put it out there and see what happens”. That thought can be scary, there’s no doubt about it. Releasing a product or feature when you have a full page of edits you could make can be daunting. But what do you really have to lose? Wouldn’t you rather find out what people think to seeRead more

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Here’s What you Missed from the Finance Track at the Adobe Summit 2018

With all the hustle and bustle of the Adobe Summit, it’s hard to remember all the advice and insights amongst checking out all the amazing booths and grabbing yourself some great swag. But don’t worry, if you forgot to take notes or couldn’t make it out to the event, we’ve got you covered! Summit’s Finance and Insurance Track featured industry leaders from Citizen Bank,  US Bank AND National BankRead more

Really Good UX Decisions from Customer-Centric Teams

People think style is the key to great UX—an app with sleek graphics and elegant design has the “right look,” so it should perform well with users. But prioritizing the aesthetic of your app actually leads to bad UX. You place an unnecessary design element in your app because it has a cool feature, and the fancy addition only leaves users annoyed or confused. Great app design—the kind thatRead more

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How Retailers Can Use Mobile Apps In a World Dominated By Amazon

Everyone from your boss to your grandma has said it—Amazon is taking over retail. As the company’s market share increases, brick-and-mortar retail sales have steadily decreased. To fight back against Amazon, retailers know that they can’t compete with Amazon on convenience or speed, so they focus their efforts in an area where Amazon can’t make the same kind of improvements: customer experience. Amazon has dominated retail over the pastRead more

Best Onboarding Practices

What to A/B Test for the Best User Onboarding Results

Take a look at your metrics, and you’ll find that one obvious number that directly correlates with monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is active users. The key time to create active users is during user onboarding; if a user is activated in this time, then they are much more likely to improve MRR. For instance, Airbrake, an error tracking and discovery tool, found that activated users were 300% more likelyRead more

Push Notification Best Practices for Customer Personalization

Personalization has been the talk of the mobile industry for quite some time now. The question is no longer why, but how. Email marketing has remained a popular way to reach customers with personalized messages, but many brands overlook the power of push notifications because of users’ fatigue with them. We’re not saying that you need to choose one or the other here. Using both email and push notifications, togetherRead more

20+ Push Notification Ideas to Drive User Engagement and Retention

When 85% of mobile users are in agreement that push notifications are useful when they add value, the question isn’t if you should use push notifications, but how. There are many ways to leverage push notifications and ways to communicate value to your users. Here are a few ideas to get you started and get going on engagement and retention! Retention Push Notifications Getting your users to sign upRead more