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A/B Test Idea: Requiring credit cards for trials (or not)

cardless free trial experiment

For B2B free trials, a hotly contentious issue is whether you should require a credit card to sign up for trial. On one side, you want to ensure that whomever is signing up for your product is actually serious, but on the other side you risk the potential customer scoffing and abandoning sign up all together.

So is requiring a credit card to sign up for your trial too big a hurdle for free trial users to want to give up their credit card info? Of course, you should experiment on it to see how your control group (say no credit card) converts to paid plans vs those who require a credit card.

Why we think this is a Good A/B test:

Depending on how compelling your product offering is, you won’t ever know unless you experiment, so this is always something Taplytics’ Customer Success team recommends our customers to experiment on to help increase their conversion rate, especially if they’re running paid ad campaigns to drive growth.