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A/B Test Idea: Long vs Multi-step form

Generally speaking, forms with lots of fields to fill out are generally are bad design pattern when it comes to high-converting pages. If they’re especially long, it feels like quite the mountain to climb, and that’s where breaking up a longer form into smaller bite size chunks so there’s less cognitive load on the person filling out the form.

But what if it’s actually detracting from people filling out your form to get access to your free trial or webinar?

Of course, you should experiment on this alongside other things like a progress meter of how much time it will take to fill out the form and other visual cues to help nudge and notify the person filling out the form they’re almost done.

Why we think this is a Good A/B Test:

This is always a good idea to try to experiment on, depending on your target personas, and how motivated they are to get access whatever you’re gating. If your value proposition is really strong and you want to get a strong signal in terms of effort, it can be a great way to qualify your leads.