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App Personalization: The 5 Best Personalized Apps

App personalization is extremely important when there are more than 2 million apps to compete against in the marketplace, and making your app stand out from the rest is only getting harder. Arguably, the best way to outperform other apps is by personalizing your app experience for each user. Giving your users that great experience will keep them coming back for more. Here are our favorite examples personalized apps to give you some inspiration.


App Personalization- Spotify

When it comes to personalization, no one does it better than Spotify. From their weekly discover weekly playlists with hand-picked new music for each user to their daily mixes, Spotify really knows their users. They even send in-app notifications come up when new releases related to the music you like come out.


app personalization - netlfix

Netflix is another app that kills the personalization game. Their ‘because you watched’, ‘watch it again’ and ‘continue watching’ are personalized depending on the user. Their features allow users to keep watching and check back for new suggestions, which can get even better the more they watch.


app personalization- Amazon

Amazon’s home screen features items inspired by shopping trends, like searches and purchases. They also have an ‘interested finds’ page which suggests purchases to the user depending on their shopping history.


App Personalization- Instagram

Instagram personalizes towards the user by including ads directed to their likes and follows, and also includes the explore tab which suggests photos and videos the user may like and want to engage with because of their history using the app.Facebook:


App Personalization- Facebook

Facebook personalizes their app in many ways for their user including, like Instagram, ads directed towards a specific user. Facebook also makes fun videos for users, like friendiversaries, anniversaries, memories of previous posts, and year and month summaries. The app also does a great job of letting you know what events your friends are going to, or what items they comment and like on that may engage you as well.

There are many ways to show your app user you value them, but personalization really goes the extra mile. Spend time with your app to engage each specific user and the return on investment will be worth it. Taplytics can help you today to test out different ways to personalize.

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