The latest digital trends for retailers are hot, and top modern brands are crushing them.

To help you navigate new digital trends and technologies like personalization, targeted offers, and app optimization, we’ve filled this page with:

  • Inspiring ideas and strategies to ensure your customers spend more per visit and come back to shop more often.
  • Examples of how innovative retailers are using mobile apps to drive revenue and outperform their competitors.
  • Tips on how robust experimentation and engagement tools can help make your app optimization wishlist a reality.

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Experiment with the number of onboarding steps, pages, or required form fields

Optimize your onboarding

Think of your onboarding process as a modern-day Walmart greeter – it welcomes your customer and sets their expectations of what your digital shopping experience is like. This is a first impression that you can’t afford to blow. An optimized onboarding flow can increase engagement 4x!  

Featured retailers

Adidas lets new customers immediately browse and discover products as a guest, with the option to share their preferences to personalize the app experience in the future. Need customers to log in first? Consider a popular technique that retailers like Frank and Oak use: giving customers the option to log in with their social media accounts to speed up the registration process. Enabling social sign in can improve conversion rates by 60%!

To optimize your onboarding flow, try experimenting with the amount of time and information required of users:

Try different copy, visuals, and design elements to improve the onboarding experience

Test the addition of guest browsing or social login options

Personalize the in-app experience according to cross-channel behavior

Your customers are more likely to go on a shopping spree if they land in an environment that immediately appeals to their tastes and preferences. To create a personalized experience, it’s becoming increasingly important for retailers to follow the paper trail that shoppers are leaving across all of their devices: 85% of online shoppers start a purchase on one device and finish on another. 

Featured Retailer

Sephora does an excellent job of ensuring cross-channel personalization for their members. When a buyer makes a purchase, their online profile is updated to detail all of the orders they’ve previously placed, both online and in-store. This information is also used to send personalized recommendations to users, and individualize what their customers see when browsing their website.

Try experimenting with different ways to act as a personal shopper and serve up customized content that you know your customers are interested in:

Create splash screen offers that match browsing, search, viewing, and purchasing history from all devices

Try above-the-fold placement or placing ‘hot buy!’ tags on a customer’s wishlist or similar items

Send contextual, personalized offers to drive re-conversions

Increasing the lifetime value and loyalty of an existing customer is just as valuable as trying to acquire new ones. To effectively re-engage shoppers, send them content and offers that match their purchasing habits, preferences, and buyer profile. 

Featured Retailers

Personal styling brands like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club demonstrate their understanding of individual customer needs not only in their highly personalized product, but in their offers and promotional emails that are narrowly tailored based on their customers’ gender, birthdate, account inactivity, and style preferences.

Keep this best practice in mind when:

Sending push notifications or emails with offers, coupons, and announcements

Designing promotional app or site banners and offers

Optimize your checkout to maximize conversion rates

When your customer is near the end of their purchase journey, a smooth, intuitive checkout experience is essential to get them over the finish line. Mobile cart abandonment rates are alarmingly high at 85.65%. How are you supposed to convert more users?

Featured Retailer

Best Buy’s mobile checkout flow is painless and straightforward. The app provides the option to check out as a guest to reduce friction and shows the customer’s progress on a 3-step progress bar to ease impatience. 

Discover what increases your cart conversions by: 

Experimenting with guest checkout or progress bars

Removing distractions by testing the removal of site navigation or recommendations in the checkout flow

Testing the number of shipping and payment options, or required fields and pages

Use creative push notification techniques to grab consumers’ attention

Consumer attention is a hot commodity, like the last snowblower on the eve of a snowstorm. The most innovative retailers have figured out how to get attention on their shoppers’ lock screens with clever push notifications. 

Featured Retailers

Aside from the techniques mentioned above like personalization and segmentation, brands like Zappos, Whole Foods, and Starbucks are amplifying the impact of push notifications with unique content and triggers that delight their recipients and drive engagement.

Experiment with new ways to captivate customers with push notifications:

Measure the impact of embedded images, GIFs, and emojis

Find the optimal copy and delivery time

Discover the power of geo-triggered messages that are delivered when a customer walks by one of your stores

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