Omnichannel Personalization

Create completely personalized experiences for your users across channels—including in-app experiences tailored to their preferences and marketing campaigns that engage them with the right message at the right time.

Server-Side Testing

Design completely unique experiences that load faster and work with more browsers than traditional client-side tests.

User-Based Bucketing

Ensure users receive a consistent experience no matter which device or channel they interact with you on.


Dexter, our AI assistance, intelligently optimizes what users see in your app and the messages they receive from your brand.

Industry-Leading Data Privacy

Securely leverage the customer data to create deeply personal experiences—without putting user privacy at risk.

  • Create Personalized In-App Experiences That Adapt To Your Users

    Use server-side testing to offer unique in-app experiences for every customer based on their preferences. What they see changes and adapts over time as they engage more with you.

  • Make Your Marketing Personal, Authentic, & Effective

    Create personalized marketing campaigns that automatically engage customers with the right push notification or email message at the right time. Use artificial intelligence to provide the right offers and suggestions across every channel.

  • Deliver A Consistent Experience For Your Users, No Matter The Device

    Leverage user-based bucketing to give customers consistent, personalized experiences and content across mobile, web, email and OTT.

  • Use Customer Data To Serve Them Better

    Leverage customer data, like preferences and past purchases, or real-time behavior gathered with the Taplytics SDK to make changes to customer experiences on-the-fly.

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