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Now, You Can Make Instant Updates To Your Apps

How to Use Taplytics to Make Instant Changes to Your Apps

As we all adapt to the ever-evolving global phenomenon that is COVID-19, we’re also learning how to effectively communicate in this new business landscape. Acceptable means of communication are changing as fast as the latest headlines around the spread of this virus.

As a brand, you need the ability to be as nimble and agile as the changes in the world require. You need to inform and educate your customers of how the most pressing effects of COVID-19 will impact how they interact with your business. Quick-fire changes to your customer experiences aren’t always easy to complete in rapid succession.

That’s why a solution like Taplytics is so important. With Taplytics, you have the ability to make edits to your apps or to your web experiences in real time. Worried about taking up your engineering team’s time? Not to worry because, using Taplytics, you can make code-free changes on the fly without requiring heavy technical support. You can make the updates and easily educate your customers.

How to make code-free changes

Web Visual Editor

As we suggested, you can make copy and image changes to your web, mobile, or product experiences without heavy reliance on engineering team resources. Instead, our visual editor solution enables you to make those quick changes yourself.


Quickly swap out your legacy images with timely and informative visuals that provide context to the current state of your experience. Use images that paint a picture and encourage users to follow a clear call-to-action, which will help maximize conversions. You can even hide elements, like outdated visuals or entire sections of your website that are no longer appropriate.


You can also make quick edits to the messaging that appears on the page. Inform your customers about the latest updates to your experiences using messaging you expect will both resonate and drive the most engagement with clear calls-to-action.

However, in order to take advantage of this functionality, you need access to the Google Chrome extension to make the changes you need. Contact our technical support team ( if you need any assistance. You can also learn more about this extension through our web visual editor guide and gain access to more detailed accounts of how to make instant changes to your website.

Mobile Visual Editor

If you thought the ease and flexibility of our visual editor was limited to web-only experiences, think again. Our mobile counterpart provides the same capabilities as the web visual editor, allowing you and your team to:

  • Instantly make text/copy changes on the fly
  • Quickly swap out imagery optimized for your Android and iOS apps
  • Hide elements in your app that no longer align with the customer experience

Activating the mobile visual editor is fairly straightforward. Either enable advanced pairing to trigger the capabilities of the editing feature, or request that a member of your development team build a direct connection with Taplytics. Check out our guide on how to pair your mobile apps or contact us at to get started.

How to change any aspect of your app

Our Visual Editor is optimal for making simple code-free changes to your products or websites. However, for more complex elements, such as turning entire features on or off, you can make these instant changes using Taplytics existing code experiments and repurposing them with the right messaging. This helps your team remain flexible, agile, and focused on how to respond to rapid changes in the market.

Here are some examples from RBC, Canada’s largest bank, within their Rewards app and Mobile Banking app respectively:



RBC Coronavirus Push Notifications

Code Experiments

When you enable code experiments, they don’t automatically trigger changes to your app, website, or in-product experience. In fact, they lie dormant until you decide when and how to make any changes.

Using Taplytics to run your code experiments can save your team an abundance of time and avoid dipping into limited development resources. Taplytics offers the ultimate flexibility to change any variable within your app that has dynamic elements. This includes onboarding flows, drastically different UI experiences, and other factors that impact the overall customer experience with your company.

Feature Flags

Taplytics feature flags give you the ability to instantly toggle parts of your app on or off. When first implementing these features, you will require engineering or development support. Once the initial setup is complete, you have the freedom to toggle features on or off as time and changing circumstances.

With these solutions at your fingertips, you’ll be able to respond to any situation with prompt and agile speed. Use these features to keep your customers engaged and informed with timely and helpful information during rapidly changing periods of time.