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Push Notification Best Practices in Crisis Management

Push Notification Best Practices in Crisis Management

COVID-19 is, unfortunately, forcing the entire world to adapt to a brand new reality. Voluntary quarantines and encouraged social distancing have begun the new norm, and have transformed how people interact with each other, as well as the businesses they’ve come to rely on.

Over the last several weeks, the effects of the coronavirus have led to:

  • Closures of businesses and public venues not deemed vitally necessary
  • Suspensions of sporting seasons, concerts, festivals, and other events with large crowds
  • Transformations in how people interact, including mass usage of video conference platforms for personal and professional experiences

In times like these, technology can be more of a boon to business strategy than ever before. The right technological solutions enable brands to regularly keep in touch with quarantined customers – and the right message can guide people towards optimal digital experiences during this new COVID-19 world.

Why use push notifications? Better question, why not?

In times of crisis, people look to trusted leaders to guide them through the pandemic. Why not make your brand one of those trusted leaders?

Mobile push notifications are a great way to get your message out to all of your known contacts and followers. Why not leverage those connections to maintain your existing relationships? Why not use technology to convey calm, compassion, and support during these times?

Strategically speaking, decide how your brand will respond to a crisis like COVID-19. Identify what you can communicate to your community regarding:

  • The changes to your business operations
  • Fun and positive messages to keep people upbeat during these times
  • Special offers on products and deliveries (where appropriate) to help combat COVID-19
  • Links to your websites, apps, and social portals to encourage digital communities and relationships while maintaining social distancing

Follow the direction of industry leaders

Push notifications are a great resource to communicate and educate your audience during a pandemic like COVID-19. Send words of comfort to tell your followers that your company will be there to help them get through this time of crisis.

If you need some inspiration on how to communicate with your own community, why not look to examples from industry leaders as fuel for inspiration? Take, for example, RBC. When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that the coronavirus had indeed become a global pandemic, RBC quickly responded with two push notifications to all of their clients.


RBC Coronavirus Push Notifications


In the first notification, RBC wisely informs clients that there will be delays in attempts to make contact with the RBC Travel Call Center. As travel advisories continue to take foothold across the world, there’s an abundant rise in cancellation calls. RBC’s push notification encourages customers to be patient given the circumstances, and to logically decide when best to call in.

In the second notification, the bank announced that their mobile cheque deposit would be unavailable for a 12 hour period. RBC calmly advises people about the situation with the mobile app, and provides clear guidance on when the app will function again. This update gives people the option to visit an ATM or wait 12 hours to conduct their business via mobile app.

Push notifications allow calm, compassionate, and helpful responses

In times of crisis management, the most important trait your business can convey is calm and transparent support. A calm and firm handle on the situation reassures consumers that they, and their money, are in good hands during unstable times. If your brand projects calmness, it allows those within your community to feel the same. You may even inspire members of your community to share your reassuring content with others in their own personal networks.

Push notifications that offer rational explanations for how your brand responds to a crisis, like COVID-19, clarify what consumers can expect in the times ahead. Use push notifications to show your adaptability, as a brand, as the outbreak changes by the hour. This upfront and honest communication helps to maintain your brand’s integrity. You can even advise people on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while in quarantine. Include tips and best practices about how the products or services you have available can help to keep up that healthy lifestyle – i.e. how to use technology to help maintain social distancing.