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Product Update: Taplytics Web Visual Editor updates, Mixpanel Integration + Speed Improvements

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It’s a brand new year, and with 2020 behind us, we have a lot to be thankful for and look forward to. The Taplytics product team has been working hard behind the scenes to gather feedback to continually build faster products to enable your team to experiment more and move faster, with less engineering resources.

In terms of looking forward, here’s what you need to know for our latest product release.

Taplytics Web Visual Editor updates

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Since the release of our Web Visual Editor that lets product and marketing teams make changes to their website without writing any code (and saving engineering resources), we’ve made numerous updates which include:

  • Updated UI for our Chrome Extension to understand exactly what element you’re selecting to enable for faster QA and experiment creation.
  • Faster and easier QA with our QA URL feature to help deploy to production faster without having QA teammates install the Chrome extension.
  • CNAME Aliasing: bypass ad-blockers to include more users in your experiments by having experiments/feature delivery originate from your domain.

If you haven’t checked out Taplytics No-Code Web Visual Editor, reach out and we’d be happy to walk you through it.

For a more in-depth look at how our Web Visual Editor works, we also did a webinar on it too!

Speed improvements across the board

Behind the scenes, we’re continually improving our products across the board, making them faster overall. Some direct impacts as a result of this effort are:

  • Faster Mobile SDKs for iOS, Android and React Native. Expect faster response times for all of our APIs and SDKs.
  • Overall speed improvements for our web app and APIs, so experiment page load times are significantly reduced.

Mixpanel Integration

If you haven’t already heard, Mixpanel is sunsetting their A/B testing product. As a preferred A/B testing partner of Mixpanel, we’re happy to announce we have a full two-way integration with Mixpanel so you won’t miss a beat.

What this means to you:

  • The two-way integration allows you to send experiments and variation data into Mixpanel for deeper product analysis of the net impact of your experiments.
  • You can leverage your Mixpanel cohort data directly within Taplytics segmentation filters to be even more granular of how you target your audiences in experiments.

If you’re already a Mixpanel customer you take advantage of this full integration, and take a look at our Mixpanel integration docs for iOS and Android respectively.

Want To Learn More?

Feel free to reach out to your Customer Success Manager for a customized walkthrough or shoot us a message in the chat window in the bottom right corner👇  to set up a free trial to see if we’re a right fit for your business.