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Apple Ushers in the Personalization Era

Apple Ushers in the Personalization Era

Apple’s new products grant users a personalized digital experience, and mobile app developers need to follow suit.

At its annual release event earlier this week, Apple-inspired viewers with the level of personalization its new products offer users. They’ve introduced exciting new features like Face ID sign in on the iPhone X, customizable-multi tasking iPad docks, and animojis designed to showcase users’ personalities using facial expressions and voice.

It’s clear that Apple prioritized their users when designing these features; they have empowered users to customize their experience with the product.

Personalization is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a staple in all digital strategy playbooks

Customers now demand highly personalized experiences, and the smartest brands are giving it to them. Everything from Facebook friendship history videos to Netflix movie recommendations are created for each unique user in order to establish a relationship with them.

Create customized in-app experiences to build meaningful connections with users

Apple does a fantastic job of making its users feel a special connection with their products.

Do the same by offering a contextual in-app experience for each of your users and placing personalized content at the forefront of your digital strategy.

75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases or knows their purchase history”


Users throw this information at you during sign up and sessions, so use it!

Using the new Apple TV 4K as an example, here are some tips on how you can begin mastering the art of personalization and create happy, loyal customers.

Act as a data concierge

Send tailored recommendations to your users based on their profile and, more importantly, previous behaviour in your app. By guiding them where they need to be to discover the products or information they want next — whether they know it or not — you are helping your users efficiently navigate your product.

Source: Apple Event, September 12, 2017

The Apple TV 4K ensures that the channels on display are catered to be viewer-specific. News channels are localized so that only relevant sources are suggested, and the sports tab changes by season and automatically updates to feature the viewer’s favourite teams.

Speak to your users when they want to hear it — Timing is everything!

Mobile users are always on the go, and therefore expect a digital experience that moves with them. Leverage information like their location or the time of day in tandem with historic in-app behaviour to send messages when they are most applicable.

Source: Apple Event, September 12, 2017

Sports fans were excited by the announcement of Apple TV 4K’s Live Sports feature. During regular programming, a tab will appear on the screen with live game scores when there is a close game, giving viewers the option to tune in to just the final, game changing moments.

Help your users adapt to their own changes

Take note of when and how your user’s behaviour changes, and let them know that you are paying attention! If the type of material they are seeking or engaging with changes, be proactive and offer them helpful suggestions in addition to an effortless transition. This is especially important if their change includes accessing your product from a new device where they will expect a seamless transition to the same custom experience they were enjoying before.

Source: Apple Event, September 12, 2017

The Apple TV app works harmoniously across all products in the Apple ecosystem, allowing the user to stop, start and continue watching across all of their devices. This flexibility allows the user to consume the content however and wherever they want.

Now, Go Get Personal!

Personalization is the key to building connections with your users to convert them into loyal users who feel like their experience with your product is truly unique, just like them.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook opened the launch quoting Steve Jobs, saying that his employees are implored to make something wonderful and put it out there.

“Make something wonderful and put it out there”

He added that Apple ultimately designs new features to make the customer experience even better, and we urge you to do the same!

You’ve now been told to personalize more times than Phil Schiller called the iPhone X incredible, so get to it! Have questions or need some help getting started on personalizing your mobile experience? Get in touch!

If you missed the Apple Event, catch the replay and summary here.

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