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A/B Test Idea: Name your pricing plans to align with the market you’re in

ab test idea - name your plans appropriately

Giving proper names to your pricing plans is an opportunity that lets your potential customers know that you understand them according to the stage and maturity of their company or business situation. By using naming your plans that are relatable to your customers, you give them a sense of familiarity that will help you drive more sales.

As people like and prefer things that that they’re comfortable and familiar with, they easily pattern match and make the association that your product or service can help them accomplish the problem(s) they’re solving.

Why we think this is a Good A/B Test:

It can be a fun and creative process for your team to come up with names for your pricing plans that make your brand more relatable and recognizable to your customers. It’s a simple change, that can reap benefits in the long term when you align your branding and positioning in the space where you’re offering your product.