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Guide your audience’s thought process before asking them to decide

ab test idea - help guide your audience's decision

Offering a default choice a great way to nudge your audience to make a choice more easily without having burden them with more cognitive load, and second guessing your offer.

The phenomenon occurring here is an enhanced active choice. When you direct your audience’s attention to make a decision they’re about to consider such as saying yes or no to opting into something via a call to action.

Why we think this is a Good A/B Test:

By offering the binary decision, along with reasons that might reinforce or dissuade a decision, it may very well persuade your audience to make a decision in your favour.

When you’re giving reasons to dissuade them from making a choice that isn’t in your favour, you’re looking to trigger their loss aversion, so they have to reconsider a bit longer, before they decide to take advantage of your offer.