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Moving Faster, Together: Introducing the New Taplytics UI

During these challenging times, we know keeping your users informed and engaged across your mobile, web, and OTT experiences has never been more important. But in order to do so, we also understand the need to work faster and more collaboratively across everything you do – including your A/B testing, feature flagging, and marketing automation efforts. 

To help keep your customers engaged, while improving internal agility, we are thrilled to share the new Taplytics UI. With our new UI, you can work faster and more collaboratively on your experimentation and messaging projects – all while improving your security and permission controls.

What To Expect From Our New UI Update

Everything Is Now Faster

Say goodbye to load times when opening experiments, creating audiences, and analyzing results. Our new UI has been re-engineered in React.js for performance, increasing the speed across everything you do within Taplytics. 

Collaborate Effectively: Introducing Templates and Tags

We understand the chaos of sorting and sharing experiments, and rebuilding push notifications. With our UI update, you can label and repurpose all your work in Taplytics.

Templates allow you to save push message settings for quick use across your organization’s projects.


Taplytics Push Notification Template
Manage push notification templates in Taplytics for quick and easy repurposing.

Additionally, with tags, you can now label and filter all your experimentation, messaging, and feature flagging efforts in a new list view. This allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for, such as experiment ideas from a specific team member, or feature flags from a specific app project.

Taplytics Experiments List
Organize your Taplytics projects and experiments in a new, sortable list view.


Introducing Teams and Custom Roles: Improve Security Across Your Organization

One of the major benefits of Taplytics is the ability to unite your organization with an all-in-one experimentation, feature flagging, and marketing automation solution. As an enterprise organization, however, having the ability to control who is able to access and edit certain projects is critical to keeping your efforts secure.

Taplytics Team Management
Create teams in Taplytics.


That’s why we’re excited to introduce new team and rule management options. Product and Marketing leaders can now create multiple teams in the same project, define custom role permissions, and tailor permissions for each user in Taplytics. Examples here could include:

  • Creating marketing and product teams to manage separate app growth projects.
  • Giving your agency limited access to experimentation analysis and insight support.
  • Restricting marketers who manage push notification campaigns from seeing feature flags, or ensure newer members of the team don’t have the ability to publish experiments.
  • Enabling multiple product feature teams to manage experiments in the same app.


Taplytics Customized Role Permissions
Create custom roles and permissions in Taplytics.


Learn More About Our Product Update

Interested in learning more? Please feel free to contact us for a customized walkthrough, or reference our training material on updating your team management and project settings.