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How Talkspace Increased Conversions by 60% With Web A/B Testing

To increase the efficiency of their user activation funnel on the web, Joshua Petrovani Miller – Product Lead for Lasting, identified increasing landing page conversion and sign-up completion as a priority. By optimizing the entire user experience and connecting their paid acquisition campaign to the in-product experience, they would drive ROAS and revenue growth while decreasing acquisition costs.


The Experiment:

As you sign up for Lasting, there’s a quiz as part of the signup flow that helps create a personalized plan for their users. The product team had the hypothesis where because of their lengthy relationship quiz at the beginning of their onboarding flow, shortening the quiz and the time spent on it would lead to higher conversions.

The Result:

Web A/B testing is a key component of Lasting’s growth strategy to optimize their web user acquisition funnel. Using A/B testing to reduce friction and improving speed to value resulted in a 60% increase in conversions. An increase in trial sign-ups leads to their user base growing and higher revenue.

This web experiment of increasing speed to value resulted in a 60% increase in conversions simply by varying the timing of an animation. Consistent A/B testing creates incremental gains that lead to increased ROI and revenue. This experiment provided a foundation for learning and future iterations. Lasting regularly uses A/B testing as part of their experimentation process. This is one of the many experiments they have in their roadmap since making small changes such

Why we think this is a Good A/B Test:

The Talkspace product team kept their experiment simple. They changed the animation timing, and that was it. By shortening the animation length, psychologically, the onboarding flow felt shorter because of the waiting time reduction.