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Introducing the Fastest Cross-Channel Experimentation Platform

In these unprecedented times, now, more than ever, investing in cross-channel customer experiences is critical to delivering customer value. According to a McKinsey report, those who prioritize the customer experience are more resilient during recessionary periods, experience shallower troughs and quicker recovery

We’ve worked closely with global news organizations and retailers – some of which have the most heavily trafficked websites and apps in the world. Their requirements for ease of use, privacy, and speed are the main drivers for Taplytics’ Cross-Channel experimentation capabilities.

Here are 4 key elements of this major release:

  • Performance speed of delivering code-free visual experiments
  • Easier and faster QA
  • Seamless UI for element targeting
  • Privacy focused 

The Need for Speed

We’ve re-architected our infrastructure to be distributed around the world in order to ensure speeds as fast as 50 ms to deliver experiments to your end users, without any noticeable impact on app-load time. 

What this means is that all of your apps, be it web, mobile, TV apps and server-side experiments get the benefit of our lightning-fast 50 ms response time.

Simpler UI and Navigation

With the release of our New Web Visual Editor, we’ve loaded it with features and a simpler UI, which we’re sure will make your lives easier to create more experiments for your web experiences.

This means you can now:

  • More easily target and select the element you want to experiment with, knowing which element in the DOM you’re selecting with our breadcrumb navigation bar.
  • Run Javascript and Custom HTML for more dynamic experiments
  • Run Code-free Visual Editor Experiments with speeds that are as fast as 50 ms response time, without the dreaded flicker effect

How it Works

With our New Web Visual Editor, you can create code-free experiments for your desktop, web, and mobile web experiences more easily than ever before.

Easier QA

With our Test URL feature, once you’ve confirmed the edits and have created a goal, you can then share the URL to any of your teammates, without any need to install the Taplytics Visual Editor Chrome Extension and QA your visual editor experiment on any popular browser.

Built with Privacy in Mind

Trust is the foundation of any meaningful relationship, and that of course, extends to your customer’s sensitive data. Any breach in trust can have a long lasting impact on continued business, as well as any regulatory penalties associated with the mishandling of sensitive data.

Our approach to Privacy is that we don’t handle any sensitive data, leaving it to you to manage your customer data in accordance with your information security policies.

The only true cross-channel platform with code-free visual experimentation capabilities

We’re proud to say with our Web Visual Editor, alongside our code-free visual editing capabilities on iOS and Android, you now have the ability to deliver code-free cross-channel  visual experiments. Paired with our focus on protecting your customer’s privacy and our lightning-fast experiment delivery, your marketing, product and engineering teams are enabled to experiment, learn, iterate and drive results.

Curious about Taplytics Experimentation Platform? Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to learn more or chat with us through our chatbot in the bottom right corner 👇