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A/B Test Idea: Make your coupon code section less prominent

AB Test idea - make coupon code less prominent

How often have you seen a box to enter a coupon code and thought “I don’t have a coupon code but I wonder if someone else might be getting a better deal than me?”

In ecommerce this is a common problem. If a customer sees a coupon code field, they may be wondering why they don’t have a code to enter and may start to worry that they’re missing out on a deal that others have access to.

This concern could put them off completing their purchase and result in a lost sale.

The Experiment:

When you make your coupon code field less prominent, it should reduce the likelihood that those who don’t have a code perceive their shopping experience negatively, as if they’re losing or missing out on a deal.

A possible solution is to have the coupon code field stand out less or hide it as a dropdown menu option.

Those who do have a code will still be able to find it (the coupon code field can be easily opened by clicking a link or button) so this solution will still allow those who want to use a coupon code to do so.