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Taplytics for Android is Here

Android App

Today we’re proud to announce the public launch of our Android SDK. With the public release of our Android SDK, we now allow publishers to optimize their apps for both iOS and Android. This enables a greater level of personalization and understanding about their users on each platform. Furthermore, it enables mobile designers and developers to deliver tailored, personal experiences to all of their users — no matter what platform they are developing for.

As of today, anyone can download the Taplytics Android SDK from our GitHub and run full featured, code or visual A/B tests on Android. To get started, explore our documentation and sign up for an account.

Cross-Platform Is The New Reality

The best part about the launch of Taplytics for Android is that teams can now target users on each platform independently. Android customers are significantly different than iOS customers, and therefore have different needs. Because of this, app publishers, developers, and designers should work hard to deliver custom experiences to each set of users.

“Everyone has a different need and a different take on the platform, making for very creative implementations of the Taplytics Android SDK.”

With the new Taplytics Android SDK, teams can now start with a single unified test. They can then slice the data once the test is complete to see how iOS and Android users react. If they see a difference in reactions, follow-up experiments can be tweaked and delivered to iOS and Android users separately.

How Do Other Apps Use Taplytics?

Even before our official launch today, we’ve already seen interesting and new ways to use Taplytics with the Android SDK. Combining the Android SDK with Taplytics User Insights, we’ve seen teams target the top 10% of their users with specialized content to drive further loyalty and re-engagement. We’ve seen some apps run the same A/B test across both Android and iOS, and other apps run completely different tests across platforms. Everyone has a different need and a different take on the platform making for very creative implementations.

Challenges on Android

Android presents app developers with many challenges. Not only is there a huge amount of fragmentation in screen sizes making design a challenge, but Android devices vary wildly in the quality of hardware and supported services. If you are building an app that takes advantage of a hardware accelerometer, the data that you get from each device may be extremely inconsistent. Beyond the challenges of development, Android is also a much more difficult platform to monetize than iOS. While many people tout high-end Android devices like the S5 and the OnePlus One, the vast majority of Android devices sold are just a step above the feature phones of the early 2000’s. These devices are sold either extremely cheap or for free. Because of this low-cost position, the buyers of these Android devices are far more price conscious than Apple customers.

Benefits of Android

These challenges are well-known, and so are the benefits of developing for Android. From the insanely large market, numbering close to a billion devices now, to the speed of development. On Android, you don’t have the same onerous review process that you do on iOS. Because of this if you need to push out an update to your app, it can take a day instead of a week or more. All of this makes Android a great test bed for new ideas.

How Taplytics helps on Android

With the release of Taplytics for Android, we are giving our users the power to amplify the benefits of the platform and to minimize the challenges. With the Taplytics SDK installed in your app, you can use our user insights to understand how different users engage with your app on a deep and meaningful level. Enabling you to find ways to build retention, engagement, and revenue. With our powerful targeting and filtering tools, you can take advantage of Android’s hardware fragmentation to deliver very targeted features and UI updates to specific sets of users and devices, giving your users delightful experiences.

Taplytics for Android is available today, and it will change the way you deliver experiences to your users across platforms. To get started just sign up at and start exploring our Docs here!

Taplytics is a fully integrated mobile A/B testing, push notification, and analytics platform providing the tools you need to optimize your mobile app.