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iOS 14 Privacy Implications

apple data privacy

With WWDC 2020 now wrapped up, Apple made it clear they are a staunch supporter of privacy, with Craig Federhigi, SVP of Engineering, first words being “privacy is a fundamental human right”.

In the keynote, the pillars of Apple’s privacy strategy are centered around:

      • Data minimization
      • On device intelligence
      • Security protection
      • Transparency and Control
  • Privacy is a fundamental human right

    – Craig Federhigi, SVP Engineering @ Apple

Below are the key privacy features from iOS 14 and how they affect the Taplytics iOS SDK. As usual, we continue to recommend updating to the latest version of the Taplytics SDK to ensure you are receiving the latest features and functionalities.

Ad tracking opt-out

Related to Apple’s data minimization stance, Apple is allowing users of an app to opt-out of ad tracking through a unique ad id. Taplytics does not use the ad id and those who are on older versions of the SDK are recommended to update to the latest version before the release of IOS 14.

Taplytics App permissions

Regarding transparency and control, starting on iOS 14, Apple will start requiring apps in the App Store to self-report permissions that the app requires prior to downloading. This would include permissions needed from their SDKs. Below are the permissions Taplytics requires and why we require each permission:

Taplytics uses a user’s opted-in location for various reasons including region-based push notifications and experiments. Delivery of push notifications and experiments will not be affected.

Push Notifications
Taplytics helps businesses send customized push notifications to users with ease through our dashboard.

Taplytics Universal API

Alternatively, if having to share these additional permissions is a concern, the alternative to this is our SDK-free Universal API server-side solution. With Taplytics Universal API, you have the flexibility to avoid these permissions and experiment across any platform.

The benefits of leveraging Universal API are threefold:

  • Lightning fast sub 50-ms response time
  • Privacy focused without any PII being transferred
  • No need for App Store updates and permissions


Our recommendation is to make sure your apps and websites are running the latest version of Taplytics. We understand that there are additional nuances which make your unique and have a complete suite of solutions to fit your use-case. Interested in learning more about Taplytics’ privacy focused optimization products? Start a chat with us or reach out to us at