adobe summit retail takeaways

Key Takeaways: How Retailers can Execute with Empathy

We all know that retailers are now utilizing data and turning to technology to create great experiences, but there’s something about the combination of ‘data’ and collection’ that leaves a bad taste in customers’ mouths. We’re not here to denounce data and technology either, in fact, we preach it! Don’t believe us? Then take it from Samsung, Westjet, and USAA, who taught us all that how we can useRead more

adobe summit finance takeaways

Here’s What you Missed from the Finance Track at the Adobe Summit 2018

With all the hustle and bustle of the Adobe Summit, it’s hard to remember all the advice and insights amongst checking out all the amazing booths and grabbing yourself some great swag. But don’t worry, if you forgot to take notes or couldn’t make it out to the event, we’ve got you covered! Summit’s Finance and Insurance Track featured industry leaders from Citizen Bank,  US Bank AND National BankRead more

fintech UX

How Fintech Apps Use UX To Build Trust

You’ll never see a UX blog advocate for more inputs in an app—asking for more work from the user typically means less engagement with the app. But for fintech designers, adding friction is a job requirement. Fintech apps have to ask users for a lot of personal information to meet financial regulations and fulfill their functions. To properly and safely handle users’ money, these apps also have to addRead more

How to make the most of your Adobe Summit Experience

‘Tis the season for conferences! You’re making new connections, getting fresh ideas and trying out the latest technology. Unfortunately, that also means you’re not sleeping as much, eating as well as you could be and feeling a little stressed about all of the work waiting for you when you go back. Next week in Las Vegas will certainly be no exception – your days at Adobe Summit are goingRead more

How to Properly Increase Push Notification Engagement with Customers

HINT: It’s not by sending more push notifications Push notifications have become a popular way of engaging customers in a brand’s mobile app similar to how email connects customers to websites. We have seen many brands using tactics like personalized marketing to improve push notification engagement, but we have also seen that the number of notifications being sent daily has greatly increased. Due to the volume of push notifications,Read more

Mobile A/B tests to run

The 6 Best Mobile A/B Testing Experiments to Run this Year

You’ve probably landed here because you’ve heard that mobile A/B testing is all the fuss lately for mobile app optimization, but you’re unsure where to get started. It’s true; there is an endless number of experiments you could run to help increase your conversions and customer retention, and it’s important to keep testing in your app and iterate on tests you’ve already made. For example, just testing the appRead more

Split Testing Best Practices

The 5 Best Practices for Split Testing

Split testing is a term that is interchangeable for A/B testing or multivariate testing. It’s a method of conducting experiments to improve website conversions (like clicks, purchases, or sign-ups). Incoming traffic will be routed to either the original webpage or an experiment, without the visitor knowing they are part of the experiment. The tester then waits for a statistically significant experiment to emerge, meaning that they have enough dataRead more

Segment Users - App Personalization

4 Ways to Segment Users for App Personalization

To properly personalize your app, it’s important to segment your visitors, which means dividing your traffic based on specific criteria. Segmentation goes hand in hand with personalization because it helps you determine which version of your app’s journey each visitor sees. Users are now expecting to receive personalized experiences on every app and website they visit, similar to how they expect a personalized experience when they walk into aRead more

Mobile app retention

4 Signs Your App User is About to Break Up With You

You can still remember like it was yesterday. You stood, one among many, in the crowded app store listing. So hopeful, so full of giddy expectation, you waited for that first glance and, hopefully, a first click as well. Before you knew it, there he was. He had entered your exact name in the search box! He knew your name! And then he was there, looking at your specificationsRead more

Customer Service

How We Provide Real-Time Customer Service Through Slack

At Taplytics, we have always tried to make great customer experience a part of our differentiation strategy. Because of this, we recently made the decision run all of our customer support through Slack. We’ve been testing this for the past six months, and have found both great results and interesting challenges. Now that we’ve had a bit of experience with this channel, we’d like to share some of theRead more