Increase App Downloads

7 Ways to Increase App Downloads

The Apple App Store and Google Play store have over 2 million apps each (and counting). It’s hard to compete with all the choices out there! It’s important to invest your time increasing retention and downloads for your app to bring it to the masses. Here are some ways you can increase app downloads efficiently and effectively. 1. Encourage users to rate and review your app If your usersRead more

Retail A/B Test Examples

6 Examples of the Best Retail A/B Tests

With so many opportunities for you to run A/B tests in your retail apps, it’s hard to know where to start. Read on for testing ideas that can help you make the biggest impact on your user experience, help you retain shoppers and get them adding more to their cart. p.s. Want to know which tests you should run on your mobile app? Request a complimentary assessment from ourRead more

what is feature flagging

Feature Flags Explained: Use Cases, Benefits and Examples

First thing’s first: what are feature flags? Feature flags are also commonly referred to as feature toggles, or switches. At a high level, the purpose of a feature flag is to enable or disable a feature. They help you take control of your releases by sending new features to specific audience segments and allowing you to choose the exact percentage of your users that receive an experiment. [source] ThereRead more

Mobile A/B tests to run

The 6 Best Mobile A/B Testing Experiments to Run this Year

You’ve probably landed here because you’ve heard that mobile A/B testing is all the fuss lately for mobile app optimization, but you’re unsure where to get started. It’s true; there is an endless number of experiments you could run to help increase your conversions and customer retention, and it’s important to keep testing in your app and iterate on tests you’ve already made. For example, just testing the appRead more

Entertainment AB Test Examples

5 Examples of the Best Entertainment A/B tests

Entertainment and media apps are everywhere, many of which go above and beyond to personalize in-app experiences for their customers. With so many techniques for retaining users, here are six A/B tests you can run to discover how to turn first-time downloaders into lifelong customers.  p.s. Want to know what tests you should run on your mobile app? Request a complimentary assessment from our team of optimization pros. 1. Onboarding Onboarding isRead more

App Personalization: The 5 Best Personalized Apps

App personalization is extremely important when there are more than 2 million apps to compete against in the marketplace, and making your app stand out from the rest is only getting harder. Arguably, the best way to outperform other apps is by personalizing your app experience for each user. Giving your users that great experience will keep them coming back for more. Here are our favorite examples personalized appsRead more

Alternatives to the hamburger menu

Top 3 Alternatives to the Mobile Hamburger Menu

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the anti-hamburger menu movement, you might be convinced that they’re not the way to go. They hide content, and add extra steps to app navigation and can be hard to reach on phones with large screens. If you’re on board for no more hamburger menus but stuck on  determining the next best option, look no further! Here are three other great options for appRead more

Split Testing Best Practices

The 5 Best Practices for Split Testing

Split testing is a term that is interchangeable for A/B testing or multivariate testing. It’s a method of conducting experiments to improve website conversions (like clicks, purchases, or sign-ups). Incoming traffic will be routed to either the original webpage or an experiment, without the visitor knowing they are part of the experiment. The tester then waits for a statistically significant experiment to emerge, meaning that they have enough dataRead more

Dining app a/b test examples

5 Examples of the Best Dining App A/B Tests

There are numerous apps in the marketplace for users with a hungry stomach, and many go above and beyond to personalize in-app experiences for their customers. With so many techniques for retaining users, here are five A/B tests you can run to discover how to turn first-time downloaders into lifelong customers who always reach for your app when they’re looking for a quick eat. 1.Referral Programs It’s a greatRead more

Segment Users - App Personalization

4 Ways to Segment Users for App Personalization

To properly personalize your app, it’s important to segment your visitors, which means dividing your traffic based on specific criteria. Segmentation goes hand in hand with personalization because it helps you determine which version of your app’s journey each visitor sees. Users are now expecting to receive personalized experiences on every app and website they visit, similar to how they expect a personalized experience when they walk into aRead more