TV App Experimentation Engine

Test and optimize how users navigate and view content on Over The Top devices for tvOS, Android TV, Amazon TV and Roku TV apps.
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A/B Testing

Test customized user flows, content search, and discovery functions to make this unique channel as engaging as possible.

Dynamic Variables

Go beyond UI changes and experiment anywhere within your app.

Feature Flagging

Make stress-free releases by controlling roll-outs and tracking their real-time impact.

Advanced Analytics

Get accurate data to pass along to your team and other third-party data systems.

Build user-focused experiences

Learn what catches and holds your customers’ attention by testing user flows, content discovery, and layouts.

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TV App- OTT Testing

Customize every channel

Customize the content and layout for each OTT device to offer a consistently personal experience with your brand.

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Release with confidence

Confidently control roll-outs that have been validated by real user data.

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