Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is a representation of a customer journey as they move from being introduced to the brand to making a purchase. The number of leads at the top of the funnel are people who have visited your website or use your app while those at the bottom of the funnel are closer to a sale or conversion. The goal is to move users down the funnel towards conversion.

The Role Of Marketing In The Sales Funnel

Leads enter the sales funnel through marketing efforts that drive brand awareness such as through social media, webinars, SEO and covering relevant topics potential customers are looking for. When moving a customer down the funnel, marketers inform them of the value of the company and how it benefits them.

As they learn more about your company and show interest some people will drop off the funnel so that there are fewer potential customers left. These are the ones who have shown interest and are good candidates to be turned into a customer.

Why The Sales Funnel Is Important

The sales funnel is important because it allows you to visualize where someone is in the customer journey. It’s a framework that can show you where people are dropping off so it allows you to hone in on that part of the funnel. For example, you may see that people visit your site and add items to their cart but abandon their purchase. This shows that you need to improve this part of your funnel. An idea to reduce drop off could be sending them reminders to finish their purchase through email.

You can also test elements on your site through A/B testing where you can test anything from colours, images, copy and CTAs. By continuously testing your site, you can always improve it so it’s optimized for conversion.

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