Smart, Personalized Push Notifications.

Engage users, optimize your notifications and increase retention.

A/B Testing Right Out of the Box

Our push notification services were designed with A/B testing in mind.

Whether you want to A/B test the message, delivery time, or any other aspect of your push notifications, we give you all the information you need to make results-driven decisions about your push campaigns.

Campaigns and Automation

Do you want to tackle retention head-on? Do you have time-limited promotions? Maybe you just released a new feature that you to build awareness for?

Push Campaigns can be tailored for any of these kinds of use cases. And it’s really easy.

Push Analytics

To be results-driven with your push notifications you need great data about how your pushes affect the key metrics of your app.

We give you all of the analytics you need to determine how your push campaigns affect your bottom line.

Deep Segmentation

Just like our A/B testing service, we give push notifications access to comprehensive user segmentation capabilities.

You can target down to the individual user for hyper-personalized messaging, or you can group your users into segments that make sense, and deliver them smart messages that drive key actions.

Robust Customization

The best tools help inspire great ideas. We provide a bunch of options so you can be awesome.

Look at some of our customization options and imagine the possibilities.

Transactional Push/Push API

We are set up to handle your everyday push notifications.

With our API, you can trigger server-side push notifications and track the results easily. Tie it all together with our push notification A/B testing and analytics and you can determine if your transactional pushes are helping or hurting you.