Push Notifications

Engage and deliver a personalized 1-to-1 mobile experience with Taplytics' Push Notifications. Send push notifications with the right context at the right place and right time with events, location, and custom user attribute based triggered notifications.
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Automated Messaging

Continuously engage your audience with personalized, timely messages.


Send geolocation triggered push notifications to make your messages relevant and contextual to users.

A/B Testing

Test your timing, messaging, and segmentation.

Advanced Analytics

Use real-time data to evaluate your impact on user activity.

Re-engage your customers

Send customized messages and content to keep your users coming back.

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Optimized personalization

Run tests to learn what versions of your messaging, timing and content keep your users coming back. Gather experiment inspiration from our push notification examples.

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Report metrics that matter

Measure the impact notifications have on app engagement to prove that sending custom messages is a worthwhile investment.

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