Visual Editor

Easily create visual A/B tests to optimize any screen your users interact with—no coding, app store updates, or engineering support required.

Code-Free Visual Editor

Change buttons, images, layouts, and other Calls-To-Action with just a few clicks.

Omnichannel Testing

Test out new designs on web, email, smart TV, and mobile apps.

Targeted Distribution

Experiment on a percentage of random users or target specific user segments.

Results & Goal Tracking

See the impact of your experiments with custom goal tracking and reporting.

  • Point-&-Click Design Changes

    Pair your device, go to the screen you want to experiment on, and start editing copy, images and more using the live Visual Editor. Then, launch your experiment in just a few clicks—no engineering support needed.

  • Manage Experiments Across Channels

    Create visual A/B tests for Android TV and Amazon TV apps, mobile OS and Android apps, websites and email. Control who in your organization can create and launch tests from the Teams Dashboard.

  • Create Targeted, Personalized Experiments

    Run tests on random sample groups, or use robust user segmentation to serve them relevant content based on behavior (like 'Days Since Last Login'), location, device, or other custom attributes you define.

  • Measure The Impact Of Your Tests

    Use our Goals Editor to track clicks, access rates or time spent in-product, or conversion paths like purchases or other events. Quickly view the results of your tests over time, or send raw, hashed user experiment data from Taplytics to third-party analytics tools for added insights.

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