Data & Analytics

Get the full picture of your customer journeys and make data-driven decisions about how to improve your user experience with flexible reporting capabilities and hassle-free integrations.

Results & Goal Tracking

See real-time results of your experiments and measures conversion rates for any goal type.


Run queries on raw Taplytics data, and build custom dashboards for better business intelligence.

Dexter AI

Turn raw data into actionable insights by letting our recommendation engine suggest your next move.


Connect Taplytics to systems you already use to for better personalization and in-depth data analysis.

In-Depth Analytics

Understand How To Optimize User Experiences

Validate your ideas with in-depth analytics that show what’s really influencing user behavior. Export data to other systems to track how your optimization efforts are supporting your business goals.

  • Quickly Assess Your Experiments

    Set up Goals for any conversion type via integrations with third-party systems. Filter results by segments, see when rollouts to your entire user base are complete, and more.

  • Create Customized Dashboards

    Use BigQuery and Data Warehouse to run direct SQL queries on raw Taplytics data (including time in app, sessions per user, and more) and build custom dashboards.

  • Uncover Deeper Business Insights

    Connect event or experiment data with analytics tools like Looker, Mode, and Tableau to visualize how your experiments are impacting other areas of the customer experience.

Popular Taplytics Integrations

Seamlessly connect Taplytics data to your current analytics tools to better track how your experiments are impacting product usage and other key metrics.

Some of our integrations include:

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