Launch Control

Confidently roll out products with our robust feature flagging capabilities. Target, test, and time new feature releases—and roll them back quickly if things don’t go as planned—without relying heavily on engineering.

Robust Targeting & Distribution

Control who has access to new features based on user behavior, demographics, or other custom attributes.

Easy Rollout & Rollback Switch

Introduce or hide new features on mobile, web and TV in just one click—without any app store updates.

Time-Controlled Launches

Launch new features immediately, or release them slowly over time to your entire user base.

  • Target Specific Segments Of Users

    Release features based on user data like purchase history, location, device type, behavior, or other custom attributes pulled from third-party systems. Easily add or remove users from tests based on your findings.

  • Easily Deploy Or Hide Features

    Turn new features on or off with the flip of our Feature Launch switch—without making app store updates or deploying code. Run into a problem or don’t like the results? Quickly hide the feature and go back to the drawing board.

  • Perfectly Time Launch Sequences

    Create an automated Timed Rollout schedule to incrementally release new features to users over time, reducing the risk of technical issues ruining your users’ first experience with a new product.

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