Optimize tvOS, Android TV, Amazon TV, & Roku TV

Hook viewers from the first interaction with our A/B testing, feature rollout, and personalization tools.

Robust OTT Experimentation

Launch code-based or code-free A/B tests to see what’s impacting viewership.

Personalization & Targeting

Serve up targeted content or experiments using preset or custom user attributes.

Risk-Free Feature Flagging

Test new features on small groups of viewers before launching to all subscribers.

Goal Tracking & Reporting

Create custom goal paths to understand what‘s impacting viewer behavior.

  • Experiment On Anything In Your Smart TV App

    Run multiple experiments simultaneously to iterate on your TV app faster and keep users engaged. Create simple A/B tests using our Visual Editor (for Android TV and Amazon TV), or make powerful code-based experiments to your user flows, layouts, and content discovery functions.

  • Personalize Every Viewing

    Serve customized content recommendations based on a variety of user attributes or behaviors with our robust segmentation tools and integrations with third-party databases. Target experiments based on geography, past viewing habits, and more to learn what makes specific segments tick. Give users a consistent experience—no matter which device users access your content on—with our bucketing capabilities.

  • Release New OTT Features With Confidence

    Test new features on a small subset of users with Launch Control, our code-free feature flagging tool. Once you have the results, schedule a timed rollout to your entire user base, or launch to specific user segments slowly over time for further experimentation. Results not what you hoped for? Roll back quickly with a few clicks.

  • Gain More Viewer Insights

    Understand what’s impacting viewer retention and engagement. Quickly see the results of your A/B tests in real-time, and automatically have winning variants sent out to your viewers. Build custom goal paths and reports to track important metrics, or send raw data via Taplytics BigQuery to your analytics tool for deeper analysis.

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