Taplytics Decision API

Run A/B tests on any device connected to the internet with our lightweight Decision API. From wearables and connected appliances, to voice assistants and game consoles, the sky’s the limit when it comes to experimenting across smart devices.

Test On Every Device

Launch A/B tests quickly on almost any channel—without having to install an SDK.

Server-side Delivery

Improve the end-user experience with fast-loading experiments.

User-based Bucketing

Users see the same test variations no matter which device they use.

Event Tracking

Tie events to custom Goals in Taplytics to measure your experiment's success.

  • Start A/B Testing Immediately

    Skip the SDK installs and start seeing what users prefer across any device that’s connected to the internet, no matter the programming language.

  • Deliver Lightning-fast, Flicker-free Experiments

    Reduce loading time and avoid the dreaded “flicker” effect when sending experiments to users thanks to our lightweight cloud functions distributed at edge.

  • Create Consistent Experiences

    Since Taplytics experiments are user-based, your customers get the same experiment on every channel they interact with you through.

  • Measure Your Impact

    Build conversion goals for your experiments in Taplytics, and see which variation leads to more conversions with our flexible Goal Editor.

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