Mobile Experimentation Engine

Whether on iOS, Android or Web, test your ideas and optimize across all your platforms to make data-informed decisions backed by our AI assistant, Dexter.
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Visual A/B Testing

Make changes to anything you can see and touch inside your app including buttons, copy, images, and colors.

Dynamic Variables

Easily customize your UI and UX to address user needs.

Feature Flagging

Make stress-free releases by controlling roll outs and tracking their real-time impact.

Advanced Analytics

Get accurate data to pass along to your team and other third-party data systems.

Always be iterating

Make quick small changes to see a large impact on user behavior. Experiment and make code free changes as often as you’d like.

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Drive mobile adoption

Test new features and flows to determine what turns your first time user into a lifetime customer.

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Mobile AB Testing-features and flows

Ship with confidence

Mitigate the risk of releasing features by controlling roll-outs. Real-time reports help your team understand the immediate impact of your release.

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