Mobile A/B Testing for iOS & Android.

Make data informed decisions about your app.


The Easiest Setup

With only one line of code needed to get started, you and your team can have your first A/B test built and ready today within minutes of getting started.

Visual A/B Testing

Taplytics launched the world's first visual A/B testing platform for native mobile apps and we haven't stopped innovating since.

Whether you are looking to test simple elements or complex behaviors, Taplytics' visual A/B testing gives you the tools to create tests on the fly.

Easy to use Dynamic Variables

Put switches and dials on every feature in your app. Take full control over every variable.

Taplytics' flexible platform lets you modify your variables on the fly, and measure the impacts of each variation.

ThreePageOnboardingFlow = [TaplyticsVar taplyticsVarWithName:@"3 Page Onboarding Flow" defaultValue:@NO updatedBlock:^(NSObject* value){
     // Update your interface/functionality with new value.

Feature Flagging

Roll-out, or roll-back features instantly or gradually over time.

Create the changes and see real time impact all within one platform.

Really simple. Really useful.

Instant Edits

With Taplytics you can quickly and easily modify parts of your app while it's live.

Fix issues immediately instead of stressing about re-submission.

A/B Testing for the Web

Our Javascript SDK lets you test for the web too. Experiment and learn across all your platforms.

Detailed Reporting

We also provide best-in-class reporting, because an A/B testing tool is only as good as the data it gives you.

With our powerful and intuitive reporting tools, you'll be picking winning variations with ease.