Customer Journey Analytics

See how every digital touchpoint is impacting customer engagement with our flexible reporting capabilities and integrations.

Reports & Goal Tracking

See real-time results of your experiments, and set up conversion paths to track the success of your customer journeys.


Run queries on raw data from Taplytics, and build custom dashboards catered to your key goals.

Stress-Free Integrations

Connect Taplytics to third-party systems to pull or push important user data for reporting, faster segment creation, and more.

Dexter AI

Turn data into actionable insights by letting our recommendation engine suggest which message or campaign is best for your users.

Customizable Reports

Understand Exactly How To Optimize Your Users’ Experience

Let our suite of customizable reporting options show you what users find the most engaging so you can make smarter decisions.

  • Track Any Conversion Type

    Create Goals by tracking single or multi-step conversion paths using in-app events, or connecting Taplytics to events you’re tracking in third-party systems—with minimal tagging or coding required.

  • See A/B Test Results At A Glance

    Understand the impact of your experiments with real-time Results reports, which include reach, goal completions, percentage change, and statistical significance rates. View the progress of your experiment rollouts, or filter results based on time-scale or audience segments.

  • Connect The Dots For Better Business Intelligence

    Export raw experiment and user data from the Taplytics Data Warehouse to share insights across your business. Use Taplytics BigQuery to quickly run custom queries on user data and create custom dashboards with your most important metrics.

Popular Taplytics Integrations

Seamlessly connect Taplytics data to your current analytics tools to better track how your experiments are impacting product usage and other key metrics.

Some of our integrations include:

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