Deliver deeply personalized marketing experiences at scale.

Give users the experience that works best for them. Use artificial intelligence to offer personalized marketing experiences for your customers that drive engagement and move them from first-time users to lifelong customers.

Journey Builder

Orchestrate Incredible Customer Journeys

Our Journey Builder makes it easy to design personalized, omnichannel journeys that seamlessly tie together marketing and product so every customer has a cohesive experience.

  • Omnichannel Engagement At Scale

    Use customer behavior and preferences to offer 1:1 product and marketing personalization that scales across mobile, web, email and TV.

  • AI-Powered

    Dexter, our powerful AI assistant, intelligently optimizes in-app and marketing experiences for users and automatically determines the best time, channels, and messages to engage them with.

  • Enterprise-Level Collaboration

    Leverage our extensive collaboration functionality to design, collect feedback on, and control approvals for new campaigns as a team.


Push & Email Messaging That Engages & Converts

Keep users engaged and coming back for more. Create personalized messages that surface relevant content, promotions, or contextual information based on your customers' behavior.

  • Engage On The Right Channel

    Send engaging push notifications, emails, and in-app messages, or let our intelligent assistant, Dexter, automatically determine the best way to engage users.

  • Automated Campaigns

    Continuously engage and nurture your audience with personalized, timely messages triggered by in-app events, user location, or other custom user-attributes.

  • Test, Measure, & Refine

    See the impact of your campaigns on user activity in real-time, and use this data to decide how you'll drive user engagement next.

Omnichannel Personalization

Deliver Personalized Product & Marketing Experiences

Enjoy artificial intelligence-powered personalization at scale. Use customer behavior, preferences, and data you’ve gathered to personalize what they see in your app and the messages they receive from your brand.

  • Create Personalized In-App Experiences

    Create completely unique experiences for every user based on their preferences, dramatically improving engagement and customer satisfaction.

  • Personalize On Every Channel

    Ensure customers receive personalized, relevant content and a consistent experience across mobile, web, and OTT.

  • Leverage Customer Data Faster

    Leverage customer data from every source—including real-time behavior gathered with the Taplytics SDK—to make changes to user experiences on-the-fly.

Customer Journey Analytics

Make Smarter Decisions With Detailed Analytics

Stop the guessing games and trust your data instead. Get detailed, intuitive reports on the metrics that matter to you and integrate them with your other third-party data platforms.

  • Integrate Seamlessly

    Any event or parameter you are already tracking today can be used to easily create a conversion goal, and give you a better picture of your customer's journey.

  • Code-Free Conversion Tracking

    Set up and track conversion goals that matter to you—with little additional tagging or engineering help required!

  • Faster Insights

    Understand the impact of your experiments or changes with individual summary reports that help you make the right product and marketing decisions.